Saying NO to the governments systems of control and spreading TRUTH about our status quo Ξ√ΩLUT↑☼N anyone??

Occupy Cameron + more

This next post stems from a mystery email sent to me last night,

Ok try this to start you off, the letter below concerns housing benefit but can easily apply to any of the cuts we are facing.

Digest some of this, take your time now.

And consider sending them this;

(C/o) address (near) postcode

Blah blah day Month 2011

Re ref: CC;

All staff Dear arsehole – Head of cocksucking and blowing – Public Servant

Thank you for your recent letter dated blah blahday Month 2011 and your concern regarding my estate name: JOHN DOE as owned by the living man known as John. As you are aware I have not agreed to any purported changes taking place to Housing Benefit / Local Housing Allowance.

Any changes you / public servant staff may implement without my explicit consent: proof of contract signed by me outlining the explicit changes will be considered a serious breach of contract and as a public servant will result in you / the council agreeing to be liable for any / all rent arrears incurred as a result of any changes made without explicit consent, as well as damages I suffer as a result..
I accept your admission that you haven’t included a copy of the supposed explicit contract stating specific changes along with your letter because one doesn’t exist and as a result your letter is construed as coercion to accept a new contract which I believe to also be malfeasance of office.

I accept your acknowledgement of me as man and that I have unlimited value. Should you damage or coerce any other man or woman in the same manner, as a public servant you agree the terms herein apply to all liabilities they incur as a result also as stated in this agreement.

It is your responsibility to notify future Head of cocksuking and blowjob or any other titles created for similar roles in the capacity of public servant or any other Public Servants / the involvement of third parties the matter of their liability to this agreement as it affects them also as they too become liable parties / co conspirators and this does not deem you liability resolved
Thanks you for your time and agreement.

under seal:
John Doe


Without Prejudice, Without Recourse, All rights Reserved, Without Vexation or Frivolity

So what do you think?

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