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How Fractional Reserve Banking Works

OK now some of you out there will be wondering at this point as to why Occupy The Banks is doing what it’s doing, well if you head over to their great site you can read why, but in the mean time I ask you to watch this vid and see how you are part of a system that really has enslaved you, neat eh, slavery by consent, clever bankers (or something that sounds like bankers anyway), but hey the cats now out of the bag and I don’t think that the good folk on this planet will like what they see when it finally hits them in the face of whats been going on, the vid is American but the principal remains the same for most of the world.

The End of The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project

So its all over then?? Maybe, maybe not.

The Truth About Slavery

How far have we come sice the days of slavery, the only things missing these days are the chains.

Zeitgeist Part I: The Greatest Story Ever Told

This next vid is for all people of religion, not against your religion just giving you some facts to go with a recent chat I have been to.

The Zeitgeist Movement: EXPOSED

This next vid is a sarcastic look at some of the arguments against Zeitgeist.

Make the Change

This next vid has wise words of truth, listen to the warnings within.

Peter Joseph’s Response to Stefan Molyneux [Zeitgeist: Moving Forward]

Although this response is directed to Stefan (stefbot) Molyneux I feel it can answer many questions out there surrounding the groundbreaking docu/vid, its sort of an audio Zeitgeist and a treat for anyone who is familiar with this valid work.

Thanks to TZM Official Channel for this new vid.

Why I Advocate The Zeitgeist Movement – Moving Forward

Do you need anymore reasons??


At last here it is the NEW Zeitgeist vid, enjoy and spread far and wide.

Zeitgeist The Summary

Only a couple of days to go now, here is some more to get you in the mood, and a bit of background to it all.


Zeitgeist Moving Forward Teaser

(Release Date 01-25-2011) Only three days to go now, man this stuffs important, that was the first time I have ever heard him talk like that, this man is followed by an ideal, a new way forwards for all of us, if we only listen, our days of anger and rage will soon be behind us all, looking at his face at the end of the vid, moved me beyond words.