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£10 Billion public money to PRIVATE corporations banks

Mark is always going to be welcome here, some call them rant`s I call them need to be said, how fucking much more of their shit can we take eh? how much? not joking, how fucking much?

Oil Spill

Will this make the news tonight or any time soon??

Doubt it, these fuckers don’t want us sheep knowing these things do they.

An oil spill has been reported from a North Sea platform off the coast of Shetland.

Around 23 tonnes of crude oil discharged from the Tern platform, off the Shetland coast, on Tuesday afternoon. A spokesman from TAQA Bratani, which owns the platform, said the leak was the result of a “temporary upset in the production process whilst cleaning up a new well”. The Department for Energy and Climate Change, and Marine Scotland, were contacted about the leak, which occurred around 300 miles from Aberdeen.

A Marine Scotland spokesman said: “There is no ongoing leakage or further issue as far as we understand. “Due to the remote location of the rig, and the fact it was very rough weather at the time, we understand the oil dispersed quickly. “We do not believe there are any environmental concerns at this time.” Derek Howden, TAQA health, safety, and environment manager, said: “We immediately put into action our response plan which outlines the steps to be taken in the case of any hydrocarbon release. “In close cooperation with DECC it was agreed that the best action, with the least impact on the environment, was to let the oil disperse naturally rather than using a dispersant. “This strategy was successful and the oil has since dispersed.

TAQA immediately set up an investigation team to learn the lessons and prevent recurrence.”

Further to that:

Quoting from PressTV

British oil giant BP has secured London’s authorization to drill a deep-water oil well off Scotland coasts amid environmentalists’ fears of a repetition of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster.
The Department of Energy and Climate Change (Decc) said the drilling license for an oil well 128 kilometers north-west of Shetland islands was granted to BP after close examination of the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico.

However, green activists said drilling 1.29 kilometers deep by the “accident prone” BP, which only settled billions of pounds of damage claims over the Gulf of Mexico disaster three weeks ago, is a great risk to the “fragile” Scottish environment.

“This government is taking a huge risk to both Scotland’s fragile natural environment, and its economy, in granting a licence to BP, one of the most accident-prone oil companies in the world. Only three weeks ago, BP finally settled claims for billions of dollars for their part in the Deepwater Horizon disaster,” said Charlie Kronick, senior oil campaigner at Greenpeace.

Eleven men were killed in the April 2010 blowout on the Deepwater Horizon and it took 87 days for BP to regain control of the disaster, though not before 4.9 million barrels of oil were unleashed to the regional waters.

Occupy The Banks

Ok so some out there thought that this was a fly by night kind of thing, you could not be more wrong.

Check out these links eh,……


Food For Thought (1 of 8) (George Carlin RIP Special)

Big thanks to Bill for this post, and of course.

George Carlin On Drugs And Marijuana

Now Its ACTA

For most folk over here in europe SOPA and PIPA (internet censorship) may just seem like an American thing, sadly it’s not, but to understand whats going on here you may like to know that we in europe have our own version heading our way, ours is called ACTA, so it seems that SOPA and PIPA are just a distraction for us living here in europe, while we were looking at them the fuckers are trying to get ACTA in, if you love the internet just the way it is we need to stand up against this.

Vids from







Occupy MSM

Ok so there is no such thing as occupy MSM (at the moment), but why? MSM lies to you all the time but don’t go believing me do a quick search on YouTube or Google and you will see what I am talking about.

MSM (Main Stream Media) are the bed fellows of corporate governments who are only there to shape and mould/mold your thought and opinions to suit an agenda that they need your consent on, I could defer you to the pre war in Iraq programming that we all had but you don’t need any reminders over that do you, you can now see the lies on the TV and in the news papers can’t you? what was that, you can’t see the lies!? an excellent article can be found here detailing some shocking stuff you don’t dare admit to>>> linky and here>>> another linky

Look MSM tells you what the government tell them to say, every time the government`s want a war or a conflict they condition you with information about the place to be attacked well before the attack, they do this by demonizing the leaders and or out-and-out lies about our own security being under threat by these nations, and it certainly does not end there, they as you saw in Libya will even side with a small group of fighters within that country to perpetuate and enhance that lie, all we see here in our homes are blood, bodies and oppression.

You would think that “ok they do lie in those situations” and leave it at that, but you would be wrong to, MSM and their lies stretch right into your home to include your life to, government policy and legislation is all run past your mind in one way or another, wether it be a snippet on/in the news or a full section on/in them, your programming will come in a certain format that your brain can easily remember but you will not at first be able to recal, how many times have they slipped things past you like that eh?, we can all remember saying (after the fact) “oh I remember seeing or reading something about that” when talking about a bit of law or policy we don’t like can’t we, but of course by then its to late.

So why can’t anyone occupy MSM? it seems to me that they are the ones that perpetuate the lie, they are the ones that demonize you in line with the governments mandate, they are the ones that suppress and avoid information that would normally help you steer your life in the best direction for you as a human, they are the ones that pick which advertising you watch between their programmes, just like in the computer world, they don’t call it programming for nothing.

Social programming has been around since well before the invention of the TV, it’s a well-known concept that we don’t like to believe happens to us and who could blame us, we like to think that we know our own minds don’t we, sorry folks but most of us don’t, we simply accept everything we are told and carry on with our lives safe in the knowledge that our government and press know best, it’s a shitty world and our leaders have all the answers for us, we don’t even need our own opinions any more, and at this point you wonder why we cant get our humanity deserving stories in the press, if we could, the changes we all need to take place would have long ago, but our stories go against the grain of the politicians and corporations so we stand little to fuck all chance.

So as protesters who know everything about how the world should be (so they say), I ask you again.








Occupy The Banks Going Viral

Well well well who would have thought that Occupy The Banks would go viral eh? Well the great news is that it has gone viral and even got a feature in the Wall Street Journal of all things, I can imagine it now, all those bankers and brokers spitting their breakfast out over this one lol, all those fists waving up in the air in my general direction lol, so a lesson can be had here can’t it, if you think you can’t get heard you are probably wrong.

Article below written by yours truly, linky for proof,

Muammar Gaddafi For Dummies

Oh boy, if this is true we have just fucked up big time (again), most did not believe what was happening in Libya but of course all we had was a MSM version of events, I don’t pretend to fully know what was going on in Libya, but if life there was anything like this vid portrays we have been played yet again, I hope I am way out on this.

The vid is a little late now but still relevant.

OWS-Revolution Movie ‘I AM NOT MOVING’

A great vid here for those who “think” our governments are good and honest lol, this vid is whats been going on in America but we here in the UK can draw parallels with it easily, we have already been treated like this countless times and those on the ground at all the occupy protests here can expect the same any time soon, fucking great living here isn’t it?

Fox News UK at the Occupy LSX (not)

To be hones with you this is how most of our news from any channel is brought to us, I can see it and hopefully after this vid from you will to, have a laugh about it and enjoy the moment untill it smacks you in the face with the truth about your brain washing anyway.