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What a State!

An informative after the fact look at our ever decreasing freedoms. WE CONSENT TO THIS, WTF UP

Into The Fire – Full Film

For those who know nothing of a Police state.

For those who think we are heading for one.

For those who know its already here.

Charlie Veitch Debates ‘PreCrime Arrests’ Royal Wedding PoliceState Kidnappings

Just a note before you watch this next vid, if you still have hangups over your programmed view of muslims/arabs try to get it out of your head before you watch, this vid is NOT about them.

The issues raised here are heated and important to us all with three very differing views, my personal opinion is not important here, what matters is yours.

Emergency Broadcast – Revolution Imminent – Europe

And so it begins, a passionate cveitch reminds us about yesterdays historic demonstration of people power and adds to it with a call to every free human in this country, MARCH 26th 2011, MARCH 26th 2011, MARCH 26th 2011 think you can remember that now, all thats left is your support, ITS NOW UP TO YOU!!

Slavery by Consent

Every day a new law/act/rule is forced upon us for our own good by the few who think they know us, I am only at mid-life and even I remember a better time, if you talk to anyone older than yourself they ALL remember a better time, so whats going on here, back in my military days I remember how they tried to make me into a good little soldier, at first I was happy with the Army, life was good but they had other plans, my friends and I were stripped of humanity and rational thought broken to be re-built as fighting machines in their image, needless to say it did not quite work out like that for me.

Looking back I can now see that everything they did to me was done with my full consent, I thought that it was meant to be that way, I now look at the way governments treat us and cannot help but think that they are trying to mould us into something dare I say less human, they are provoking our anger and stripping us of happiness, when the time is right they will offer us a cure to our problems and by then we will run to them for their solution.

What will we be then??

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Think About This

Listen to this vid and think long and hard about what is said, its not difficult folks hundred of thousands of people (including myself) now think in this way, the topics are more relevant to the human species than anything you were ever taught in the education systems or anything you believed the governments to say or do.

Are YOU a human or are you a person??