Saying NO to the governments systems of control and spreading TRUTH about our status quo Ξ√ΩLUT↑☼N anyone??

Bankers Parasiting Off The Backs Of The Working Man

David Icke speaks some profound truths in this next vid couple it with some common sense and you can’t go wrong really.

The banks caused the problems and we bail them out, its madness down here at ground level, ordinary people forced into leaving their homes everyday because they lost their jobs in a recession induced by the banks and markets, just look at that last sentence and try to understand it, it’s not rocket science is it, you are leaving your HOMES because the banks fucked up!! amazing logic on your part eh.

Who protects the bailiffs when they come to take your possessions in order to pay off that loan you had before you lost your job through no fault of your own?

How come the people who`s job it is to protect you from harm only protect the interests of the banks and governments?

You are slaves with invisible chains who can’t say NO, you fear them and they know it that’s how they get you to leave your homes in the tens of thousands, at this point many of you will be saying “I am no slave to anyone” or “I do not fear them” really? lets test that shall we with a couple of scenarios, try to answer them with honesty.

1. You have worked hard for ten years in a secure job that pays well, part of that pay is removed for taxes to pay a the government, the government use your taxes to pay its national deficit which is money they borrowed from a central private bank, they borrowed that money for thing`s like bailing out banks and wars for instance, you do not want your money going to pay those things but you do not get to choose do you, so you worked hard to pay for things you don’t want, makes sence eh? So why are you paying them again?

You are paying them because you have to, the slave master has a new whip called the courts which are used against you to force you to pay using your fear of losing your liberty, but if everyone refused they would have no power over you and then you could call your self free, until that happens you are a slave get used to it or regain your power, your choice really.

2. You had worked for ten years in a secure job that pays well, the business you worked for cannot get a loan from the bank due to rising costs so it has to lay off staff, you lose your job and cannot meet your mortgage payments that are due to the bank that refused to lend to your ex-boss, you cannot find work that covers your out goings and as such default on your mortgage, you now fear losing your home, without fail a letter comes informing you that the bank are foreclosing on your home, through fear of losing your home you try everything possible to pay that mortgage payment, nothing you try meets your out goings and as such the banks kick you out of your home using the courts, bailiffs and police.

Your fear told you that you had to leave, you are weak and did not make a stand against them, you are now on the streets and still owe a considerable amount to the bank, getting my drift here?

Watch this and get some balls, fight back for once in your life, your action will be inspiration for others to do the same as you. A starting point can be found here >>>>>

So what do you think?

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