Saying NO to the governments systems of control and spreading TRUTH about our status quo Ξ√ΩLUT↑☼N anyone??

What Will You Give

What will you give for the freedoms of everyone on this planet? WHAT WILL YOU FUCKING GIVE!!?? while it is noble that you hold up a sign or a banner and shout at the top of your lungs, it can at this stage be noted that it does not really work, does it?, we like to think that we are being listened to don’t we? Look at those good folk over in Greece, they have been at this since before the Arab spring, they way back then asked for the worlds support, and what did you do? you fucking ignored them, shame on you, now we have tens of thousands of us in the streets occupying all over the world, and we have the Greek people backing you, you only protest for you own selfish ends, you can’t think bigger than your own borders.

Ok so your all out on the streets, ok you think you have the numbers and the right information, so now what? I will tell you what, you will be beaten, you will fall back behind your front lines, you will watch on as your fellow protester`s are dragged off to the awaiting police vehicle, all you think you can do is shout at those who beat you, you are fucking children who cannot stand up for them-selves against violence, you expect someone else to make a move before you do, and in all this you wonder why you are called sheep.

Years of watching protest`s have tought me a few things, and those things are far from pretty, how can a hand full of police hold back a thousand protesters? the answer is simple, the police derive their power from your fear of arrest, you can easily take the pain from a few baton hits and you know that CS gas wont kill you, so if you lost your fear and gained some bollocks and compassion things would be different right? right? wrong not in my day, your to selfish for that.

When thinking of who may be responsible for our current status quo I am reminded that everything that happens to us is via our own consent, all of which rests in an uncomfortable position of “oh fuck its us not them” , and it is us, we let them get to where they are now, we were to busy being distracted by commercial interests that we all thought we had to follow, we were blinded by our wanting to have the best for our families because that best was in reach if we worked hard enough, that best was their carrot and we faithfully followed it (face palm).

So what will you do? WHAT WILL YOU FUCKING DO for your fellow human, I know what I would do, but you? you are but an irritation on a dogs back, all mouth and no action, prove me wrong or fuck off home now, what will you say to those little slave`s of our future, can you look them in the eye and say you did nothing? one day you will be asked what you did for our freedoms and saying you shouted and held up a sign does not cut it does it.

This little rant was brough to you via frustration, listen to its message or don’t its your choise really isn’t it, what happened to FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE? you have been tought that all your life, so use it, just use it.

Ok I am now much calmer and realise that some weaker minded individuals may take this post literally and violence is something I don’t want, fighting fire with fire means using the LAWS that are used against you against them, look for officers breaking the law and act upon it, take them to the courts, I DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE and neither should you so avoid it, that does not mean that you should stand back if you are witness to the law being broken use your common sense.

So what do you think?

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