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Wall Street Occupation LIVE

Hmm now whats going to come of this eh? watch the occupation LIVE here.

About time the Americans stood up for them-selves.

About time the world stood up for its self.

Who am I kidding eh, arrests will be made the whole thing will get closed down and these humans will be ignored as per usual.

On an update to this MADRID is also doing the same today.

Just been reading all the comments over on twitter, try to ignore the trolls & haters and remain peaceful at all times, maybe next time you should try protesting MSM can’t see them ignoring you then.

Of course this is only the start of things to come.


Greed is a danger that we face throughout the world and it’s a REAL danger, every human on this planet has a greedy side to them, we try to deny it but it’s there driven by your programmed EGO, for some humans this greed is their very fibre, their very flesh and blood, its a drug they cannot and will not stop taking, these “Elites” as they like to be known are the driving force behind all governments, all corporations and all countries, these “Elites” play a game of wealth where we “normal” humans simply play our part as willing slaves to further the wealth/power to them.

This next vid is one of many, this one is American but what the bloke says in it is TRUE for every country in the world, with these “Elites” there are NO countries, NO borders and NO rules, everything you thought you owned is theirs, they will not stop untill all wealth/power is theirs, all with YOUR consent, bah, bah, bah little sheep, then you die, good here isn’t it.