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Libya / Incredible media lies – BBC shows “Green Square” in INDIA, 24 August 2011

How many of you out there spotted this little bit of propaganda from the BBC, the footage shows two of the idiots going through the news papers and talking about Libia, then all of a sudden one of the presenters says “and lets just take you live to Tripoli” “this is people in I think its Green square in Tripoli”, but it’s fucking NOT Tripoli is it BBC!!! its INDIA and Indians, I despair, I really do.

Wake the f**k up people for the sake of your children.

Scrubbed – Explosive BBC London Riots Interview – Violence Sparked By Police Beating Girl

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BBC keeping this quiet then eh, I wonder why?

Also it is noted that the media are not talking about the reasons for the current global unrest, I don’t condone the violence at all, but can say with hand on heart that I could see it coming, this site has even been known to warn against it, complacency does not live here.

The governmental media machine today continues to fully focus on each and every shard of glass, distracting from the fact that government after bloody government brought this nation to where it is now, the creation of social division through the corporate model of greed and succeed separated this nation into haves and have-nots, the corporations successfully programmed the population into thinking that they could buy that million inch plasma TV (terms and conditions apply), only to realise that it was never within there reach because if they want to be top earners they now have to pay thousands of pounds for YEARS to accomplish that, of course if they are from a well to do family in the first place there is never a problem.

Has these governments ever heard of equality?

So with the creation of all of that “want” we find the youth of today watching their parents lose their jobs, lose their homes, lose their pensions, they see shops closing, the police beating up people parading around a law unto themselves never to be questioned, corrupt MP`s caught lining their nests, even corrupt heads of the police, markets crashing, global protesting & riots, they see fucking protests here FAIL because the government wont listen to its population, they see the raping and polluting of our planet and they see war, and WE forget them!!!

Its meant to be all about our children’s future isn’t it? so why the hell have WE done nothing to safe-guard their future, all I see is greedy selfish humans.

The youth of today (and older) see no future under the current systems, the youth of today want a new way forward and because YOU did not listen to them they are to try to do this without the un-trusted governments and adults, so don’t even bother crying about it, its YOUR OWN mess because YOU consented to everything the government ever did, and out of this YOU WILL consent to further oppression for your own good.

PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION, look it up and wake up to whats really happening, not to what you are told by the BBC and government is happening.

DAVID ICKE – PROBLEM – REACTION – SOLUTION – LONDON RIOTS plus video evidence of the beating of the 16 year old girl.

‘No tax rise in 2011 UK budget’

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And now for some attempted softening up of the public from our good friend George (bilderberg) Osbourne, so no more tax rises this budget eh, really? has anyone even thought to consider that the thieving bastards have already announced tax rises for this year, just because he may not be saying it next Wednesday means nothing because it’s already been said, don’t fool yourselves into thinking these thieves are doing anybody any favors, they don’t do favors.
UK Chancellor George Osborne says no tax rises or extra spending cuts will be included in the coalition government’s budget for 2011.

In an interview with state-run BBC, Osborne claimed there would be no further bad news for the British public in the new budget, which will be unveiled next Wednesday.

“Having undertaken a rescue mission I don’t have to come back and ask for more this year,” Osborne said.

“I won’t be asking for more tax increases or spending cuts. We did that in last year’s budget and that allows us in this year’s budget to look at policies which can create jobs in the future,” he said.

The Chancellor is expected to scrap the proposed rise in fuel duty, in a bid to help calm public anger at the cost of living.

“We’ve taken Britain out of the fiscal danger zone. That’s reflected in the interest rates that families in Britain pay,” he said.

“Now we have to move from rescue to recovery and reform,” added Osborne.
Any move to scrap the planned rise in fuel duty would avoid another 5p each liter, and help counter the spiraling cost of filling up the tank