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Rise Up! Revolution Against The New World Order!

As if anyone needs any more reminders, here is yet another great motivator, come on people the world is uniting against these bastards, ARE YOU??

Trust Mainstream Media? HELL NO!

Mainstream Media lie to us all the time, be sure to watch the vid to the end for footage of Sky News caught in the act.


Zeitgeist The Summary

Only a couple of days to go now, here is some more to get you in the mood, and a bit of background to it all.


Zeitgeist Moving Forward Teaser

(Release Date 01-25-2011) Only three days to go now, man this stuffs important, that was the first time I have ever heard him talk like that, this man is followed by an ideal, a new way forwards for all of us, if we only listen, our days of anger and rage will soon be behind us all, looking at his face at the end of the vid, moved me beyond words.