Saying NO to the governments systems of control and spreading TRUTH about our status quo Ξ√ΩLUT↑☼N anyone??


The Money Changers Then And Now

This next vid is a little education about money and how we ended up where we are now, at this point I would like you all to consider that everything that is and has happened to us was planned, it`s called PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION, so let me explain it to you;

The PTB created certain conditions to profit from and reduce the populations of those useless eater`s, they did this by creating a boom time where everybody had plenty to go round, and everybody was quite happy, but this was all part of their plan, at that stage they were already moving their wealth about and betting on a global depression, I say global because un-like us these fuckers can go where they want any time they like.

The next stage of their plan is the actual near crash of the , market`s, they own everything, any way so that part was easy especially seeing`s the sheep would end up paying in the name of saving the economy, add into that growing oppression and blatant in your face stupid decisions designed to anger you, all of that and more is in part the PROBLEM.

Now things get interesting, global discontent is now filtering across to include the middle classes and the separation of the elites and the rest of us is evident to most of the population, peaceful protest is and will eventually turn to rioting and civil war, no country will be immune from this, but of course that is exactly what the PTB want, that is the REACTION part of the plan.

WWIII may also be part of the plan, when enough people have died and humans are in a deep state of despair, the uncommonly silent PTB will now start to voice solutions beneficial to themselves and we will also believe that their ideas may be beneficial to us to, that will be the SOLUTION part.

ITS ALL A GAME, THEIR GAME, AND WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO WIN, but a change in consciousness is now starting to filter in to the global population and if enough people can educate them-selves into the truth we may just stand a chance.

Rage & Outrage Are Waiting

For the Anons and the world courtesy of Occupy The Banks and

Our Name is Resistance

In an excellent vid The Real News Network interviews Dimitri Lascaris who shares his thoughts about the on going situation in Greece.

The truth about Greece

The link below points to a site called 9GAG Just For Fun you could just click on that link in blue, but just incase you missed that one, try the one that you can’t miss lol, anyway the site in question is awesome on it`s own, but this certain one is extra special, if you have patience with it and dare to read the whole thing, you wont be disappointed, plus it will explain the picture above, if you trust your government, TV and newspapers, you might not trust them after reading what`s contained under that link.

If you want the truth about Greece I suggest you click on this >>>>>>>LINKY<<<<<<<<< 

Freemen on The Land UK info. (Mirror)

Thank you Mark, fucking thank you for this vid friend, and thank you to for the work he has done and is doing.


Food For Thought (1 of 8) (George Carlin RIP Special)

Big thanks to Bill for this post, and of course.

George Carlin On Drugs And Marijuana

Humanity Overdue

What have they/we done eh? what have we fucking done, we fix this or we die it’s as simple as that.

“Short Documentary exploring the current state of the world and some of the social, environmental and economic changes which could be put into place to create a better quality of life globally.”

Thanks to for a profound vid that needs to be watched.

Anonymous #Op Hiroshima


Boy oh boy does this man have passion in what he is doing, hat`s off to you Mark.

Define Terrorism

Define Terrorism, go on fucking define it !!


Thanks Mark,

Get Out Now!!

Warnings come in many shapes and forms and this one should be of no real surprise, Gerald Celente has always been one to watch when concerning ourselves with matters financial and his reports are always spot on when predicting what may happen in the global economy, something has changed though, he is now demonized by the huge financial houses and is being blamed for what is to come.

Listen to every word in this next vid it could mean everything, the global collapse happens early in the new year.

Part 2 of the vid should automatically run at the end of part one.


For the attention of !

Just been looking in the old inbox and found this little gem, and while I still can’t get vids in here your going to have to do what you once did so well before the internet came along, yup reading lol.

For the attention of David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Edward Miliband, and all Members of Parliament.

We have had enough…

This letter is a warning – from the people.  It is not a request that requires an answer, But it does require a response – by way of action on your part that demonstrates that you understand its substance and the seriousness of our intent.

The collective political establishment has betrayed the British people by transferring our national sovereignty to a foreign power without our consent.  This is in defiance of our constitution and an act of treason.

You do not need to know how many people we represent today, only how many we might represent tomorrow and you should know that our numbers grow daily.  This letter thus serves as your window of opportunity to make amends and give remedy for the crimes committed against us.  We will show compassion for those who recant and we will be ruthless with those who do not concede to the wishes of the people.

Ignoring this letter is not an option…  if you think it is, then this serves only to demonstrate that your intellect is subservient to your arrogance.  You may feel that you can ignore it because you are too powerful, but to do so is to underestimate the seething resentment that the people feel for the political establishment in general.

I, the undersigned, did not write this letter, but it expresses what I think about the way that we are being misgoverned.  You have acted in contempt of the principles of democracy and shown total disregard for our right to govern ourselves.  It does not matter who penned the words of this letter, what matters is what is says.

For the past several decades the British people have been treated with extraordinary and total contempt by the collective political establishment.  It has not mattered which political party has been in office or “power” as you insist on calling it, nothing ever changes.  We are continually subjected to the same global agenda.  We have been used and abused like pawns in your game of supremacy in which a dynastic ruling class see themselves as ordained to rule as masters – with impunity, whilst we the people, as virtual slaves, are supposedly destined to obey – without question.  You have persistently and consistently undermined our democracy by agreeing to treaties with foreign political elites who have no business in our affairs.

You have rewarded yourselves with the trappings of office – high salaries, luxuries denied most of us, privileges, pensions, prestige and benefits that we can only dream of…  whilst burdening us with ever-higher taxes, derisory pensions and declining standards of public services.  It is we who pay the price for your malfeasance.

The story of Britain over the past several decades that will be told in the history books of tomorrow is the story of betrayal, greed, corruption, nepotism, treason and modern-day fascism – the latter of which manifests itself in the global agenda being imposed upon us against our will.

The European union – a step process towards global governance is now fully exposed.  Built on lies and deceit is being hoisted by its own petard – the edifice is crumbling but still the political elite like demented fools, continue to feed on their own delusions.  The docile masses, mesmerised by trivia, propaganda, complacency and ignorance have still somehow managed to grasp some basic elements of the truth, alerted almost certainly by the blatant and arrogant refusal of the political elite to tell the truth even when it stands proud in the rubble of political deceit and betrayal.

The political class are discredited at every level.  They rant about the benefits of our subjugation to a foreign enterprise, peace, prosperity and democracy where in reality chaos, dictatorship and corruption reign supreme.  European economies are on the brink of collapse because of the corrupt banking cartels, there is visible resistance on the streets and people call for lawful rebellion.  But less known, there is clandestine resistance behind closed doors.  Whilst the majority advocate a peaceful uprising, the extremes will always be in the mix and when passion and anger are fused and those aggrieved can find no remedy…  violent resistance is as understandable as the passion for life itself.

The police and militia that you currently rely on to defend yourselves against the people’s retribution…  are made up of our own, they are not your people – and when they learn about your betrayal and your intent… AND THEY WILL – they will turn against you.  Their awakening, which you cannot stop, is your Achilles heel.  Your greatest fear must be that we will impose upon you the regimes and repression that you had planned for us.

People are meeting in groups across the country, talking across oceans… they are disparate, disorganised and without an effective plan to repel the global agenda…as yet.  BUT a leadership is emerging… organisers are coordinating and small groups are linking to form larger groups.  The dichotomies of left v right, Christian v Muslim, black v white, Catholic v Protestant, which have been used to great effect to divide and conquer in the past, will find no favour in this war.  The call to arms that will unite us will be ‘the people v the global elite’ – the cry will cascade street to street and find easy passage and universal support – for our common purpose has greater value and strength than yours.

We have a constitution – which you ignore.  We have been denied our democratic rights, regardless, we have clearly expressed our wishes, in one opinion poll after another, that we do not want to be governed by a foreign un elected officialdom, but still you disregard us.  We are promised a referendum on our future, but then you recant.  You speak in support of our views when in opposition, but act to the contrary when we elect you.

You consult with corporate executives, international bankers, non-government organisations, international charities, academia, foreign dignitaries, political elites, think tanks and lobbyist – collectively a tiny minority, who do not represent us.  These groups all emanate from the same social strata, with their own agendas to satisfy and all funded by the same cartel.  You take note of their every whim, but you care not a jot for what we think or what we want.  Your children are given jobs, with big salaries fresh from university and then rapidly climb the corporate ladder as a reward by the same corporate bodies who you have favoured with your decisions.  Our children must make their own way in an increasingly desperate world.  Your corporatism suppresses our freedoms with deliberate and malicious intent.

You accommodate tyrants, dictators, arms dealers and all manner of dubious characters, with whom you are happy to keep company.  You turn a blind eye when the smell of money wafts your nostrils…  it suppresses the stink of corruption and evil.  Your moral compasses are defunct…  your values deplorable and motives despicable.  Our soldiers die to service your corporate agenda – their blood is on your hands.

You are educated at the same elite schools and members of the same elite clubs and you allow these influences to override the consideration which should be paramount in service of the people.  You have adopted the “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” philosophy… because you have learnt from your predecessors that corruption and deception do indeed pay.  The European Union is awash with it and you have determined to get your snout in the same trough.  You take comfort from the fact that you control those who have the authority to indict you for your criminality…  because they too have fallen prey to the corruption.  You have sold off our national resources to your friends, divided communities, deprived villages and towns, undermined, destroyed and bulldozed.  You have laid waste where once prosperity was enjoyed.  But you have not suffered…  you have remained aloof, disengaged, uninvolved – removed from the debris and the misery that you have wreaked upon the rest of us.

We have seen our three billion annual fishing industry handed over to foreign control for nil reward.  Our farms no longer feed us, crippled by regulations made to favour foreign farmers.  Our ship-building has been dismantled and our merchant fleet whittled to nothing.  Our armed forces are under strength and we see foreign troops being trained on our own soil on the pretence that they may be needed to protect us…  when the reality is they are being trained to subdue us…  to protect you from our vengeance.  Our children are victims of social engineering in the schools and declining standards of education.  They are being sexualised by explicit exposures before they have the emotional maturity to be able to cope.  You are destroying their minds and their childhoods.

You have engineered a police state with legislation that empowers you at our expense and you have been blatant in your contempt for our democratic and constitution rights and our common law, which have been known to us for centuries.  You deny us our rights and our freedoms and contemptuously imply that you can provide us with a new Bill of Rights.  Would we seriously trust a thief with our wallets?  You have corrupted our courts by appointing judges who are contemptuous of our common law.

You have dissected our nation and sold off our infrastructure.  We buy our own water from foreign corporations which grow rich on the back of our suffering.  Pensioners die of the cold because they are unable to afford their heating bills visited upon them by foreign corporate greed.  You are then rewarded by them with lucrative directorships when you slip quietly from office with your bulging pensions.  You remain oblivious, unconcerned… disconnected.  We will no longer be ignored as you go about your globalist agenda.  We will resist your controlling and petty rules and regulations… we will resist your fines and penalty charges and challenge your corrupt and biased judges, we will defy the over-zealous police, and your oppressive and unlawful taxes.

It is our intention to govern ourselves…  we do not seek your permission – this is our right.  You have had your opportunity and you have failed.  We will take control of our own lives in stages, as and when it suits us.  Our numbers will grow as we show by example that prosperity is the natural consequence of honest and fair governance.  We will expose you for the parasites you are.

This country has a constitution – which you ignore.  We have Magna Carta, the declaration and the Bill of Rights… we have trial by jury, habeas corpus, the coronation oath.  We have our customs, traditions and common law.  We have the right of petition, free speech, and free movement and above all… we have the right to govern ourselves.  These are our inalienable rights – they are not privileges granted to us by you or your ilk.  They cannot be taken away or extinguished at the whim of political diktat or through corrupt judicial process and certainly not at the behest of foreign undemocratic institutions.  You have no authority to dictate… your duty is to serve.

We do not recognise regions imposed upon us by Europeans to affect their control over us – to divide and conquer us.  We are a sovereign nation… a proud people.  We have watched our country slowly destroyed…  by you – we now see clearly what you have done…  your purpose and your betrayal.  We will honour our inheritance – the freedoms fought for and secured for us, and we will ensure that we will pass this on to the next generation, to our children and theirs.

You have been sent this letter by a constituent.  On sending a copy to you, they have also registered your name with the coordinators.  This will remain with us as evidence for your trial…  for treason, should it be necessary.  It’s your choice.

We are many – you are few… and our leaders are emerging.

You have been warned.

Us Against Us?

It is with the deepest of sorrow mixed with anger that I give you this short post today, I am struggling to go on with my reporting of certain events right now, because I can’t see anything changing unless good folk start to get their act together.

Look if the Police use violence against you without reason you have the right to defend your-selves and protect those around you, do not act unless you or others close to you have been struck with unreasonable force for no reason what so ever, the Police are meant to protect you not beat on you when they feel like, if they want you to do something within the law you are obliged to do what they want, so do it, if the Police want you to do something where no law covers it, you do not have to follow their instructions unless your actions are a causal factor for a breach of the law.

This next vid outlines a shocking scenario where peaceful protesters are attacked for no reason, but it’s not just the cops who are in the wrong here, it’s some good humans who stood by and did nothing, always film your protest and film those who may do you harm, always stay within the law, and remember violence begets violence, and violence is never something that I condone, if you are attacked take your case to the courts and see those who have attacked you behind bars.

Do nothing unless you are 100% certain that the law has been broken and you have proof of it that can be provided to the courts, the Police are not the law and they are not above it either.

What Will You Give

What will you give for the freedoms of everyone on this planet? WHAT WILL YOU FUCKING GIVE!!?? while it is noble that you hold up a sign or a banner and shout at the top of your lungs, it can at this stage be noted that it does not really work, does it?, we like to think that we are being listened to don’t we? Look at those good folk over in Greece, they have been at this since before the Arab spring, they way back then asked for the worlds support, and what did you do? you fucking ignored them, shame on you, now we have tens of thousands of us in the streets occupying all over the world, and we have the Greek people backing you, you only protest for you own selfish ends, you can’t think bigger than your own borders.

Ok so your all out on the streets, ok you think you have the numbers and the right information, so now what? I will tell you what, you will be beaten, you will fall back behind your front lines, you will watch on as your fellow protester`s are dragged off to the awaiting police vehicle, all you think you can do is shout at those who beat you, you are fucking children who cannot stand up for them-selves against violence, you expect someone else to make a move before you do, and in all this you wonder why you are called sheep.

Years of watching protest`s have tought me a few things, and those things are far from pretty, how can a hand full of police hold back a thousand protesters? the answer is simple, the police derive their power from your fear of arrest, you can easily take the pain from a few baton hits and you know that CS gas wont kill you, so if you lost your fear and gained some bollocks and compassion things would be different right? right? wrong not in my day, your to selfish for that.

When thinking of who may be responsible for our current status quo I am reminded that everything that happens to us is via our own consent, all of which rests in an uncomfortable position of “oh fuck its us not them” , and it is us, we let them get to where they are now, we were to busy being distracted by commercial interests that we all thought we had to follow, we were blinded by our wanting to have the best for our families because that best was in reach if we worked hard enough, that best was their carrot and we faithfully followed it (face palm).

So what will you do? WHAT WILL YOU FUCKING DO for your fellow human, I know what I would do, but you? you are but an irritation on a dogs back, all mouth and no action, prove me wrong or fuck off home now, what will you say to those little slave`s of our future, can you look them in the eye and say you did nothing? one day you will be asked what you did for our freedoms and saying you shouted and held up a sign does not cut it does it.

This little rant was brough to you via frustration, listen to its message or don’t its your choise really isn’t it, what happened to FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE? you have been tought that all your life, so use it, just use it.

Ok I am now much calmer and realise that some weaker minded individuals may take this post literally and violence is something I don’t want, fighting fire with fire means using the LAWS that are used against you against them, look for officers breaking the law and act upon it, take them to the courts, I DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE and neither should you so avoid it, that does not mean that you should stand back if you are witness to the law being broken use your common sense.

Bankers Parasiting Off The Backs Of The Working Man

David Icke speaks some profound truths in this next vid couple it with some common sense and you can’t go wrong really.

The banks caused the problems and we bail them out, its madness down here at ground level, ordinary people forced into leaving their homes everyday because they lost their jobs in a recession induced by the banks and markets, just look at that last sentence and try to understand it, it’s not rocket science is it, you are leaving your HOMES because the banks fucked up!! amazing logic on your part eh.

Who protects the bailiffs when they come to take your possessions in order to pay off that loan you had before you lost your job through no fault of your own?

How come the people who`s job it is to protect you from harm only protect the interests of the banks and governments?

You are slaves with invisible chains who can’t say NO, you fear them and they know it that’s how they get you to leave your homes in the tens of thousands, at this point many of you will be saying “I am no slave to anyone” or “I do not fear them” really? lets test that shall we with a couple of scenarios, try to answer them with honesty.

1. You have worked hard for ten years in a secure job that pays well, part of that pay is removed for taxes to pay a the government, the government use your taxes to pay its national deficit which is money they borrowed from a central private bank, they borrowed that money for thing`s like bailing out banks and wars for instance, you do not want your money going to pay those things but you do not get to choose do you, so you worked hard to pay for things you don’t want, makes sence eh? So why are you paying them again?

You are paying them because you have to, the slave master has a new whip called the courts which are used against you to force you to pay using your fear of losing your liberty, but if everyone refused they would have no power over you and then you could call your self free, until that happens you are a slave get used to it or regain your power, your choice really.

2. You had worked for ten years in a secure job that pays well, the business you worked for cannot get a loan from the bank due to rising costs so it has to lay off staff, you lose your job and cannot meet your mortgage payments that are due to the bank that refused to lend to your ex-boss, you cannot find work that covers your out goings and as such default on your mortgage, you now fear losing your home, without fail a letter comes informing you that the bank are foreclosing on your home, through fear of losing your home you try everything possible to pay that mortgage payment, nothing you try meets your out goings and as such the banks kick you out of your home using the courts, bailiffs and police.

Your fear told you that you had to leave, you are weak and did not make a stand against them, you are now on the streets and still owe a considerable amount to the bank, getting my drift here?

Watch this and get some balls, fight back for once in your life, your action will be inspiration for others to do the same as you. A starting point can be found here >>>>>

OWS-Revolution Movie ‘I AM NOT MOVING’

A great vid here for those who “think” our governments are good and honest lol, this vid is whats been going on in America but we here in the UK can draw parallels with it easily, we have already been treated like this countless times and those on the ground at all the occupy protests here can expect the same any time soon, fucking great living here isn’t it?

Fox News UK at the Occupy LSX (not)

To be hones with you this is how most of our news from any channel is brought to us, I can see it and hopefully after this vid from you will to, have a laugh about it and enjoy the moment untill it smacks you in the face with the truth about your brain washing anyway.

Occupy the World

No words needed,

Twitter #OccupyEverywhere

OCCUPY STREAMS 107 live streams right here.>>>>>

If you dont know whats going on all over the world right now I suggest you get on to Twitter and follow the hash tag #OccupyEverywhere

The Beginning Of The Awakening

For those who do not yet know how it all really works, try to keep up here it’s not rocket science anymore, listen, digest and enjoy your wake up, you cannot strive for a freedom you were born with, no-one can “give” you what you already have.

Get it?

Greece, even the Dog`s are protesting

You know things are bad when your pet`s are protesting, the situation in Greece is still ongoing, just listen to why in this vid from RT taken today and wonder to your-self why this is not on the “fucking” BBC, mind you nor is the ongoing protest`s all over America, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, South America need I go on!!

Prisoner A19O3CF Norman Scarth — Free and Fighting Back!

Norman Scarth speaks a truth that most of you continue to hide from.

Educating Police About Law (Commonly Known As Dom)

Dom`s been stopped yet again, listen to the lack of understanding here, also we have a copper admitting that he will do anything he is told to do to pay the bills, makes me wonder how many other officers think like that, the police state is truly here.

If you get a chance pop over to YouTube and read the comments to this vid.

Wall Street Occupation LIVE

Hmm now whats going to come of this eh? watch the occupation LIVE here.

About time the Americans stood up for them-selves.

About time the world stood up for its self.

Who am I kidding eh, arrests will be made the whole thing will get closed down and these humans will be ignored as per usual.

On an update to this MADRID is also doing the same today.

Just been reading all the comments over on twitter, try to ignore the trolls & haters and remain peaceful at all times, maybe next time you should try protesting MSM can’t see them ignoring you then.

Of course this is only the start of things to come.