Saying NO to the governments systems of control and spreading TRUTH about our status quo Ξ√ΩLUT↑☼N anyone??


£10 Billion public money to PRIVATE corporations banks

Mark is always going to be welcome here, some call them rant`s I call them need to be said, how fucking much more of their shit can we take eh? how much? not joking, how fucking much?

The Money Changers Then And Now

This next vid is a little education about money and how we ended up where we are now, at this point I would like you all to consider that everything that is and has happened to us was planned, it`s called PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION, so let me explain it to you;

The PTB created certain conditions to profit from and reduce the populations of those useless eater`s, they did this by creating a boom time where everybody had plenty to go round, and everybody was quite happy, but this was all part of their plan, at that stage they were already moving their wealth about and betting on a global depression, I say global because un-like us these fuckers can go where they want any time they like.

The next stage of their plan is the actual near crash of the , market`s, they own everything, any way so that part was easy especially seeing`s the sheep would end up paying in the name of saving the economy, add into that growing oppression and blatant in your face stupid decisions designed to anger you, all of that and more is in part the PROBLEM.

Now things get interesting, global discontent is now filtering across to include the middle classes and the separation of the elites and the rest of us is evident to most of the population, peaceful protest is and will eventually turn to rioting and civil war, no country will be immune from this, but of course that is exactly what the PTB want, that is the REACTION part of the plan.

WWIII may also be part of the plan, when enough people have died and humans are in a deep state of despair, the uncommonly silent PTB will now start to voice solutions beneficial to themselves and we will also believe that their ideas may be beneficial to us to, that will be the SOLUTION part.

ITS ALL A GAME, THEIR GAME, AND WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO WIN, but a change in consciousness is now starting to filter in to the global population and if enough people can educate them-selves into the truth we may just stand a chance.

Rage & Outrage Are Waiting

For the Anons and the world courtesy of Occupy The Banks and

Do YOU trust your government. (with tits to)

This poll is not just for fun, if I am right I suspect that things are about to heat up in our respective countries this year.


Our Name is Resistance

In an excellent vid The Real News Network interviews Dimitri Lascaris who shares his thoughts about the on going situation in Greece.


Arrest the government by chunky mark the artist taxi driver.

The truth about Greece

The link below points to a site called 9GAG Just For Fun you could just click on that link in blue, but just incase you missed that one, try the one that you can’t miss lol, anyway the site in question is awesome on it`s own, but this certain one is extra special, if you have patience with it and dare to read the whole thing, you wont be disappointed, plus it will explain the picture above, if you trust your government, TV and newspapers, you might not trust them after reading what`s contained under that link.

If you want the truth about Greece I suggest you click on this >>>>>>>LINKY<<<<<<<<< 

Occupy The Banks

Ok so some out there thought that this was a fly by night kind of thing, you could not be more wrong.

Check out these links eh,……


UK or Africa?

This one just had to be passed along, “UK death rate similar to African nations” according to the office of national statistics, that just blew me away! but how surprised am I really, knowing that the whole fucking place is just a dedication to the corporations that really run the country.

The article is from PressTV with a few snippets here for your consideration.

“The rate of mortality in the poorest areas of Britain is reportedly as high as in some crisis-hit African nations, official figures have revealed.”

“According to the records released by Office for National Statistics (ONS), the death rate in the country’s most isolated parts is as high as 1,500 deaths per 100,000 people in one year.”

“However, the rate of mortality in Rwanda, in central and eastern Africa, is 1,427 and in Botswana, in southern Africa, is 1,452, World Health Organization reported.”

“They also declare that poor diet and air pollution affect the lives of people living in the country’s crisis hit areas.”

Its fucking out-bastard-standing to know that some of our own UK folk have it only slightly better than some of the worlds most vulnerable.

What ever the cause of this statistic matters not really, I used to live in some of those areas mentioned and can tell you first hand that a combination of poverty and pollution is to blame, what does matter though is the fact that none of us really know whats hidden buried beneath our feet, it’s all hush-hush, you can bet that our government know though, but add into that social deprivation and you have a vision of our future, good eh!!

Don’t Watch this Film

Some of this I agree with and some I keep an open mind on, can you keep an open mind?

Can you prove any of it wrong?

Can you prove any of it to be true?

£ Dead Before The Euro?

This is one of those “oh fuck” moments, enjoy the vid and sleep well eh.

Get Out Now!!

Warnings come in many shapes and forms and this one should be of no real surprise, Gerald Celente has always been one to watch when concerning ourselves with matters financial and his reports are always spot on when predicting what may happen in the global economy, something has changed though, he is now demonized by the huge financial houses and is being blamed for what is to come.

Listen to every word in this next vid it could mean everything, the global collapse happens early in the new year.

Part 2 of the vid should automatically run at the end of part one.



Hmm can he be right? to be honest with you I have heard this sort of stuff way to many times to completely belive in it, but in this case hmm there are facts surrounding it and it is the right time.

See what you think, all of the vid via click on the links ON the vid for important UPDATES.


Anonymous here with a small message for the bankers, although I feel its bigger than just them.

This prediction may or may not come to pass, but if governments continue to ignore the majority, somethings got to give.

The Collapse Is Coming

Ok it has now come to this, me and you on a one to one, do you want the truth about our status quo? or more to the point can you handle the truth about our status quo? to be honest with you I don’t think that your ready for it, your to wrapped up in your own world that the government has programmed into you to comprehend what your about to see. (not my regular readers)

Do you think that my comment is nasty or patronising? if you do I can only apologise to you, but at the end of the day something has got to kick you up the arse and make you sit up to whats happening around you.

In this BBC interview a TRADER tells you the truth, take it all in and think about it for a while.

If you still cry out BS after watching this I can no longer help you, does my frustration show?