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UK Census Information Use

A Lockheed Martin building in Bethesda, Maryland

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This little beauty goes out to all those fuck-ups who think their data is safe with Lockheed Martin, so did you do it? did you fill it out? watch this vid and pat yourself on the back, well done everything you do is monitored (eventually).

FBI Launches 1 Billion $ Biometrics Project With Lockheed Martin


UK Census Rebellion MARCH 26th

UK 2011 Census Rebellion 26th March 1pm North Side of
Trafalgar Square

We are all part of the largest recorded Census Rebellion in history with over 3.2million search results in Google alone with 1000s of people from every county across the UK visiting our website and passing on the information.
The 2011 Census represents a united stand across the UK against the Authorities stealing our personal information, making it their own through Crown copyright and then passing it over to entities such as:
There has only ever been one real reason for this Census and that is to generate more revenue through taxation and increases in pricing of the things we all rely upon to live – the Census is nothing more than a stock take of their “most valuable asset, the people.”
Who is controlling the flow of your personal information? LOCKHEED MARTIN – they’re the No.1 most corrupt corporation in the USA with no less than 57 counts of general misconduct, violations of nuclear policy, illegally supplying arms to unstable Nations and caught scamming our own governments out of vast sums of money. LOCKHEED MARTIN also are the dominate global corporation in the spy and surveillance world who make it their business to know everything about everyone and have been caught illegally spying on US and UK people in the past.
We cannot let this happen any longer, there are enough of us to make a difference, let’s make history on the 26th and 27th March 2011! Join the Census Rebellion!
Check out our website for tonnes of information and funny videos from Danny Shine and The Love Police:
MEET US and stand for what you think is right:
26th March
North Side of Trafalgar Square
Look out for us with The Love Police, megaphones and t-shirts!