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The Money Changers Then And Now

This next vid is a little education about money and how we ended up where we are now, at this point I would like you all to consider that everything that is and has happened to us was planned, it`s called PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION, so let me explain it to you;

The PTB created certain conditions to profit from and reduce the populations of those useless eater`s, they did this by creating a boom time where everybody had plenty to go round, and everybody was quite happy, but this was all part of their plan, at that stage they were already moving their wealth about and betting on a global depression, I say global because un-like us these fuckers can go where they want any time they like.

The next stage of their plan is the actual near crash of the , market`s, they own everything, any way so that part was easy especially seeing`s the sheep would end up paying in the name of saving the economy, add into that growing oppression and blatant in your face stupid decisions designed to anger you, all of that and more is in part the PROBLEM.

Now things get interesting, global discontent is now filtering across to include the middle classes and the separation of the elites and the rest of us is evident to most of the population, peaceful protest is and will eventually turn to rioting and civil war, no country will be immune from this, but of course that is exactly what the PTB want, that is the REACTION part of the plan.

WWIII may also be part of the plan, when enough people have died and humans are in a deep state of despair, the uncommonly silent PTB will now start to voice solutions beneficial to themselves and we will also believe that their ideas may be beneficial to us to, that will be the SOLUTION part.

ITS ALL A GAME, THEIR GAME, AND WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO WIN, but a change in consciousness is now starting to filter in to the global population and if enough people can educate them-selves into the truth we may just stand a chance.

Rage & Outrage Are Waiting

For the Anons and the world courtesy of Occupy The Banks and

Anonymous Message to the 99%

This seems to be aimed at those who did not know (in part anyway), the vid comes from The Amorphous Council of Autonomous Beings.


Anonymous here with a small message for the bankers, although I feel its bigger than just them.

This prediction may or may not come to pass, but if governments continue to ignore the majority, somethings got to give.

We Are The 99 And We Do Not Forgive

For those who do not yet know, the 99 refers to the 99% of the population who are controlled by just 1% at the top.

Chilling words here from ? to them.

Click on it !!

Anonymous – We Are All Capable Of Great Things!

Motivation here from Anonymous, it’s all going oh so well, did you think that they had forgotten? did you think they had forgiven? if you had, you can expect them.


F For Ferdbags

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Here we go again, I try to remain supportive of these things, but how many of these REVOLUTION vids have we seen now eh? How much ACTION was actually taken? WTF is the point, all the PTB will do is ignore it anyway, they see the anger but they don’t feel it, they see the discontent but care not about any solution, our misery was planned this way and our reactions are expected and predictable.

The demonizing of the Unions keeps you fighting the battle of division for the powers that be, add to that every other thing that keeps you fighting every thing else apart from those who do the real harm, unless we can unite against the common enemy of all humanity we will continue to fail, every-time we think we have gained a little ground against them we in fact lose more in the long run but never at the time realise it. Our so-called wins are just given to us as sugar-coated crap to make us feel asif we have achieved something, these are given to silence us and it works on way to many humans, the better than nothing attitude must end if we can ever hope to see a more evolved society.

Yep I know, this looks like one of those giving up posts, but it’s not, read between the lines here, motivate your-selves, we are all one so lets start acting like that eh, there will be plenty of time to sort out our petty differences when we have won.