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HAZMAT Netherlands

Container ship

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How many containers DONT we know about?

Nineteen containers from Japan showing traces of radioactivity have been intercepted in the Dutch port of Rotterdam, Dutch health authorities said on Tuesday. Five of the 19 containers showed radioactive levels above allowed standards, the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (nVWA) added.

“We have intercepted 19 containers,” nVWA spokeswoman Marian Bestelink said. “We let 14 go because they showed contamination levels far below the allowed standards,” of four becquerel per square centimeter, she said. A becquerel (Bq) is the international unit used to measure radiation given off by a source. “Five other containers were isolated because the contamination was above permittable levels,” the nVWA said in a statement. After investigation it showed the contamination level of one of the containers to be at an average of 6Bq per square centimeter. Contamination levels on the other four containers were still being investigated, the nVWA said.

The containers would be cleaned and another reading taken. They would be released as soon as levels dropped below permittable levels. The European Union decided on April 15 to strengthen controls to measure radioactivity on board ships arriving from Japan after the tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster at Fukushima power plant on March 11. “Containers from Japan will be controlled for as long as necessary,” the nVWA said.

An invitation to a Shunning…..

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“UPDATE” News is coming in that radiation from Japan is now evident in GLASGOW & GLOUCESTERSHIRE !!!!

And now for a most disturbing read, if you want your truth all nice and fluffy leave this site now, if you dont mind your truth becoming the stuff of nightmares please read on.

From Cliff High aka Webbot bloke.

La puissance de la mort, or an invitation to a Shunning…..

It does no good to be pissed about it.

You are dead. They murdered you, and you need to get beyond the anger that this knowledge  brings. There is yet work you must do.

The powers that be, and their political minions have  been working this plan since the 1950’s when Japan was forced into the GE designed nuclear reactors as part of the imposition of  TPTB hegemony at the end of the Second Planetary War of the 20th century. Also known to academicians as ‘WW2′, this war not only nominally ended with nuclear release, but has now, all these decades later, been ‘reborn’ with nuclear release in Fukushima. ThePowersThatBe (Rothshield banksters, Rockefeller banksters, big oil, big pharma, and small soul politicians, and all zionist supporters) are determined to kill off a major part of  us humans over these next few years to suit their perceived needs. They likely have, in the Fukushima nuclear plant implosion and meltdown, murdered several million of us….we just do not yet recognize that we (the afflicted) are soon-to-be dead.

There is no point to indulging in wild ass speculation about nuclear bombs being used to trigger the earthquake that caused the tsunami that swept away all the ‘safety’ equipment at Fukushima that led to the vaporization of hundreds of fuel rods that produced the radioactive poisoning of the planet that killed you. There is no point to putting your dwindling life energy into speculations about Haarp, or scalar weather wars, or any other perceived ‘instrument’ of your murder. None of  it is likely factual, and TPTB are deliberately polluting the information stream to confuse your dying mind.  They killed you. Deal with it.

There is no point to focusing on a single guilty person in your  murder. It is a large, and well run conspiracy. Grasp this and give up the idea of taking revenge on any given witless stooge of a bankster or politician. To the conspiracy that is killing you, such people (low level conspirators) are sacrifices who were chosen exactly because they are expendable and easily replaced with the next, greed blinded, non thinking humanimal.  It does you no good to seek to ‘take them with you’.  Besides, killing these people does not even slow the conspiracy down, and likely puts money in the pockets of TPTB in cleaning up the corpse and blood.

They have killed you, where you sit.

You are murdered. This is your  power.

They (the stupid, duped, and controlled minions) are desperately trying to not be dead themselves. This is one of their many vulnerable points of weakness.

ThePowersThatBe, or those controlled (possessed) humans who think themselves ‘lord and master’ of this planet, are dependent on the  weak-willed, easily-corrupted, small minded, gullible human minions.  This is a huge damn weakness.

Time to take action.

What can be done? The Fukushima reactors are in full scale meltdown…how can we take action now?


Japanese Nuclear Fallout in Jetstream and the ill winds predicted by Webbots

If your new to the webbots stuff I suggest you listen to TNS radio TONIGHT at 9pm UK time >>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

If you’re not new to it Cliff got it right yet again, read em and weep, the global economic implications of this are absolutely huge, watch the vid and listen to Cliff High for your self, this cannot be ignored.