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My home IS my castle! (via nominedeus)

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Ok folks, if there was ever any doubt to how people are affected by this census crap just read on, my friend here is having a rather emotional time over these fuckers and none of it is his fault, he like thousands/millions of others have been threatened by the government, and when you back someone into a corner this is one example of what you are going to get.

Get over to nominedeus and show your support for the fight will soon be at your door to.

Following on from the visit from the tw8t from the C*ntsus, today I felt the need to get prepared for the next round, which is sure to come sooner or later! It angers me that I have to do this, but there is no choice after the blatant ignoring of my oh so beautifully crafted signs (thanks for the template Rob). It appears that someone came back on the Sunday (the day after the visit) and dropped a card into our post box , which is on the gate. Th … Read More

via nominedeus

No Census Taking Part

Last chance folks, try PEACEFULL PROTEST for yourselves, you didn’t join them yesterday did you, now is your LAST chance to tell the government to fuck off (or not), or just fill the thing in, go ahead fill the fucker in, you don’t really care what this and every government do to you do you? YOU have got a good life, you shop for stuff to make your life worthwhile, you pay those taxes with a quiet little groan, life is great because you are told it is, stand up for yourself once and for all, feel free even if you are still a slave. if you don’t fill it in you are committing a crime for doing NOTHING!!!, what sort of world do we live in eh??

We will destroy ourselves further by consent, we will have our liberty taken by our own consent, what ever happens to us now and for our children’s future was and is always by our own consent. WAKE THE FUCK UP, GET OFF YOUR ARSE and use that underused and powerful little word, NO, NO, NO ,NO, NO, NO, NO, NO got a spine yet?


UK Census Rebellion MARCH 26th

UK 2011 Census Rebellion 26th March 1pm North Side of
Trafalgar Square

We are all part of the largest recorded Census Rebellion in history with over 3.2million search results in Google alone with 1000s of people from every county across the UK visiting our website and passing on the information.
The 2011 Census represents a united stand across the UK against the Authorities stealing our personal information, making it their own through Crown copyright and then passing it over to entities such as:
There has only ever been one real reason for this Census and that is to generate more revenue through taxation and increases in pricing of the things we all rely upon to live – the Census is nothing more than a stock take of their “most valuable asset, the people.”
Who is controlling the flow of your personal information? LOCKHEED MARTIN – they’re the No.1 most corrupt corporation in the USA with no less than 57 counts of general misconduct, violations of nuclear policy, illegally supplying arms to unstable Nations and caught scamming our own governments out of vast sums of money. LOCKHEED MARTIN also are the dominate global corporation in the spy and surveillance world who make it their business to know everything about everyone and have been caught illegally spying on US and UK people in the past.
We cannot let this happen any longer, there are enough of us to make a difference, let’s make history on the 26th and 27th March 2011! Join the Census Rebellion!
Check out our website for tonnes of information and funny videos from Danny Shine and The Love Police:
MEET US and stand for what you think is right:
26th March
North Side of Trafalgar Square
Look out for us with The Love Police, megaphones and t-shirts!

2011 Census, What To Do (or not to do)

More information here, with hope this will serve to guide you.



Mass Boycott of the Census
Civil Disobedience
Peaceful Protest

There is a growing coalition of UK anti-war groups, pacifists, religious organisations and digital activists as well as literally millions of ordinary individual UK citizens who have deep concerns about this Census for many reasons and on many levels, some of them discussed on this website.

The question is therefore what action or inaction to take.

We will firstly list several of the methods being proposed by many protesters and then look further at the legal implications.


1. Follow instructions on the form or complete online as per the government’s order.

(You may also wish to send donations to Lockheed Martin’s worthy cause of murder and torture so that they may be able to continue in business for a long time to come. You may also wish to donate to the other companies that Lockheed Martin have sub-contracted to such as Capita, the bankers Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), JP Morgan Chase, Citibank etc in order to congratulate them for their role in the Holocaust and/or for laundering drug money whilst continuing to get away with it scot-free).

2. Return form or answer questions online but using different names. You can use the change of name deed template on this website. It will need to be witnessed by any third party eg friend, family member or neighbour. No need to be witnessed by a solicitor. You can then change name back same day or next day in the same way. You should keep the original signed deed(s) in case of future queries. This method is perfectly legal as you are entitled to be known by whatever name you wish.

Not giving them your name is probably the most important element as that will confuse them and throw them off track to a certain degree.

Of course they still have so much data on us already eg DVLA records, Council Tax records etc. In fact, one of the reasons why it is rumoured this will be the last census is that they have so much data on us already that this is the last one needed simply to consolidate everything so that they can then cross-reference with the existing data. As all systems to integrate existing with new data have been in place for some years now, the technology has reached such a point that future censuses will become unnecessary, as there will exist a giant pool of centralised data which they will then build on in the future by other means and sources that do not require our own co-operation.

Providing them with a false name will therefore not necessarily take you off their radar but will help to confuse and delay them as by doing so you have not confirmed anything for the purposes of their “consolidation of information”.

3. Return truthful answers but refuse point-blank to answer sections you deem to be intrusive or morally objectionable

4. Return answers with mixture of truthful and convincingly false answers

5. Return questionnaire with mixture of truthful and obviously false answers in order to make a political protest like the Suffragettes did a hundred years ago in the 1911 census eg

Q: Who was staying over at your house on 27th March 2011?A: “Robert J Stevens” (Chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin) or some may wish to put “Lord Jacob Rothschild and family” (Globalist trillionaire behind the plans for a One World Currency/ One World Government)

It is worth noting that in the last 2001 census, 390,000 people put “Jedi” as their religion.

The religion section is anyhow voluntary and, for reasons discussed in other parts of this website, we would recommend either you leave it blank as it is nobody’s business but yours or you may wish to demonstrate a political point by answering something nonsensical.

Incidentally, “none of the suffragettes were punished for rebelling against the census”
BBC – 5 July 2010

6. Avoid returning Census altogether. ACTION THROUGH INACTION.Do not answer the door to the “Non Compliance Officers”. They have no legal right to enter your property.

Therefore you do not have to answer the door; if you do answer the door, you do not have to identify yourself, and you certainly do not have to let them in.

The government’s website states in its FAQ

11. What will happen if I’m not at home on 27 March 2011?

You should complete your questionnaire as soon as possible after 27 March 2011. Or do it before you go away if you’ve already received your questionnaire.

If everyone in the household is away on census day you should complete your questionnaire as soon as possible after your return. If the household is absent for more than six months after census day, you do not need to complete the questionnaire.

Anyone away from home for up to 12 months should still be included on your questionnaire.

So this means, if the whole household is absent for more than 6 months after 27th March (i.e. till 28th September 2011), then there is no need to return the form at all. However, if one person in the household is there, then the government wants them to return the info and list anyone who normally lives there and hasn’t been absent for more than 12 months.

How will they know if the house/flat is vacant, whether we’re travelling around the UK or abroad, staying with friends or family elsewhere etc? They won’t. And at any rate, what business is it of anyone but you and your family?

This is therefore a giant loophole for people to avoid returning the forms at all.

It is therefore apparent, despite the threats, that the government is simply relying on people’s compliance. This is why during the 2001 census only 38 people were prosecuted out of the 3 million who did not return their forms !! The 38 were people who protested on point of moral principle and actually openly confronted the government. The rest were people who just avoided confrontation but also avoided contact with the Non Compliance Officers!

If you do happen to open the door to them you could say:

“If you’d like to make an appointment in the future, I’d be happy to fill this in but I must rush out now…”

“I’m only house-sitting/baby-sitting/cat-sitting for the day and am not the resident. I’ve already filled in my form elsewhere.”

“This is my friend’s house. I’m already listed in another household. Have a nice day.”

questionnaire is demonstrated in this article in the BBC – 5 July 2010 article:

“Mr Watson revealed that in 2001, 3m people did not return a completed census questionnaire. Fewer than 100 were prosecuted. [In fact it was only 38]

He said: “We have to have made contact. So quite a lot of the people that don’t return the questionnaire, our census field staff have not been able to make any contact and you cannot prosecute a house.”

Despite the threat of prosecution, the census authorities and the government will be relying on their powers of persuasion to achieve mass acceptance.

That means Conservative ministers will need to convince the public to embrace a census of which they have been so critical.

7. Refuse to fill out the Census and send in its place a petition or letter explaining your objections on moral or conscientious grounds for example on the issues raised in this website.

This method of course poses the most risk as it is a point-blank refusal and they will likely decide to prosecute. We will see now what the law says on this.

Legal Advice has been sought on failing / refusing to complete the 2011 Census

A barrister’s opinion confirms as follows:
(Our emphasis in red)


1. I am asked to advise on possible defences to a charge of failing to supply information on the census which is to be taken in late March 2011.

2. The lay client raises a series of profound concerns about the collector, collection, storage, use, possible misuse and security of the personal data which is asked for in the census forms, and particular concerns about the body employed to handle the data.

Legal basis for the census

3. The UK census was first taken in 1801, and has been conducted every 10 years since that date, except for a break in 1941. The current relevant statute is the Census Act 1920 (“the Act”).

4. The power, procedures and compulsion to reply all arise from the Act, which is supplemented by Orders in Council and Regulations made under it.

5. The relevant sections of all the Acts, Orders and Regulations are referred to in this advice.

6. S.1 of the Act confers the power for Her Majesty by Order in Council to order a census, subject to limitations in  s.1(c). In s. 1(c)(ii) the Order is lawful provided that

no particulars shall be required to be stated other than particulars with respect to such matters as are mentioned in the Schedule to this Act.

7. The relevant criminal offences, which are summary-only, arise under s.8 of the Act,
in particular, for the purposes of this advice, a person commits an offence if he:

refuses or neglects to comply with or acts in contravention of any of the provisions of this Act or any Order in Council or regulations made under this Act

8. So the offence arises if a person contravenes not only some part of the Act, but also some provision made under any Order or Regulations. It is important to note, however, that a person can only be liable for an offence if the Order or Regulation is lawfully made.

9. The Schedule sets out the matters which are properly the subject of questions under the Act:

1 Names, sex, age.

2 Occupation, profession, trade or employment.

3 Nationality, birthplace, race, language.

4 Place of abode and character of dwelling.

5 Condition as to marriage, relation to head of family, issue born in marriage.

[5A Religion.]

6 Any other matters with respect to which it is desirable to obtain statistical information with a view to ascertaining the social or civil condition of the population.

10. This is not particularly well-defined or clear. However, it is clear that many of the questions asked in the census do fall within these categories, such as name, type of employment, marital status, etc.

11. The Office for National Statistics has published a number of reports investigating and containing the census questions, since 2005. The reason for each question is discussed and considered. The reports are available from the ONS website at:

12. The ONS has also carried out extensive testing of proposed questions, stating that:

The English language testing began in February 2005, and the Welsh language testing began in October 2007. The aim of this testing was to develop questions that collect accurate and meaningful information that meet user requirements, minimise the burden on respondents and are designed to conform as closely as possible to best practice of questionnaire design.

13. There are a few questions within the census which do not appear to be easily justified by the Schedule to the Act. I have in mind in particular the questions about employer’s name and specific address. Much less personal questions could be asked, such as the postcode, rather than the precise address.

14. However, this would apply as a defence to only a few questions in the census, and not to all the other questions which do fall within the schedule. Given the extensive testing and research done by the ONS, such a defence is in any event by no means certain to succeed. I would advise against failing to answer such questions by reason of intending to rely on the defence.

Human Rights arguments

15. The European Court on Human Rights has concluded that the UK census is a breach of Article 8 (1), the right to private and family life, but that the breach is justified by Article 8 (2), as lawful, proportionate and in the interests of a democratic society (X v United Kingdom, 1982) .  The Commission found that:

The Commission considers that a compulsory public census, includingquestions relating to the sex, marital status, place of birth and other personal details of the inhabitants of a particular household may constitute a prima facie interference with the right guaranteed by Article 8, paragraph 1 of the Convention to respect for private and familv life, which falls to be justified under the terms of Article 8, paragraph 2 of the Convention.

16. In concluding that the breach of Article 8 (1) was justified, the Commission stated:

The Commission notes first that replies and completed census forms are treated in strict confidence, as is evident from the terms of the form itself, which states that replies will be used to produce statistics but the names and addresses will not be included in the census computer and that, after the census, the census forms will be locked away for 100 years before they are passed to the Public Record Office.

17. This does present considerable room for argument. Firstly, that the data in the 2011 census is not be treated in nearly such a careful manner, and secondly, that the moral and ethical character of the company involved is highly relevant.

18. Such an argument would be both interesting legally and strongly contested factually by the prosecution and UK government.

19. There is absolutely no certainty that the human rights argument would succeed at all, and it is unlikely to do so in the lower courts in England and Wales. Any success would be higher up the legal hierarchy, making this a long and expensive case, even if it does win.

20. I do hold the opinion that Article 8 could be raised in this case, and might well succeed.

Defences based explicitly on ethics and necessity

21. Defences are sometimes raised in this manner, for example in relation to criminal damage of nuclear submarines, or GM crops.

22. The crucial difference between those trials and the census is that the offences in the Act are summary-only. That means that a Defendant may not choose a jury trial. The defences are therefore extremely unlikely to succeed in a Magistrates’ Court, meaning, as mentioned already, any success would be higher up the legal hierarchy, making this a long and expensive case, even if it does win.

We can summarise, that an offence is only committed if someone “refuses or neglects to comply”. Simply not returning the form if you’re not around is NOT an offence. As we have seen above, the census director confirmed “you cannot prosecute a house” and if you’re not around for more than 6 months after 27th March, then there is no need to return it all. This is why about 3 million people who failed to return last time in 2001 were not prosecuted.

It is important to note, as the barrister has advised, that the European Court of Human Rights has concluded that the UK census is a breach of Article 8 (1), the right to private and family life, but that the breach is “justified” by Article 8 (2), as lawful, proportionate and in the interests of a “democratic society”.

However, since this written advice was obtained, further damning information about the ethics and morality of those companies involved in the Census has come to light. In addition recent legal provisions have been highlighted which are shown to conflict with and/or override our Data Protection laws etc, thereby giving rise to the serious possibility of data ending up in the hands of governments other than own. This strengthens the case against the Census on privacy grounds.

Furthermore, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruling only addressed whether or not the Census itself (as the questions stood at the time) was in the interests of democratic society. But it did not look at the issue of whether allowing vast profits to be made on the back of it, THEREBY using PUBLIC money for PRIVATE gain (which is slavery) can ever be in the interests of a democratic society.

In addition we have seen in the privacy chapter, that the other provisions of the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007 (SRSA) Act indicate very broad and general powers to give our data to third parties.

It is therefore our genuine belief, having now spoken to several reputable and senior London-based Human Rights solicitors and barristers, that there will be grounds to challenge a refusal to participate in the Census, but the advice above is likely to be correct in that it will be a long and costly road as the government will fight it tooth and nail.

Our view therefore remains, if you choose not to resist and decide to complete the form, you will be allowing all your data into the hands of the United States government including its intelligence services. In addition, other intelligence services around the world may also be allowed access to this information.

In addition to our own domestic law in the afore-mentioned 2007 Act, United States law, namely the Patriot Act, introduced after 9-11, requires all US companies to release to the government upon request any data held on any individual. It is therefore these elements that will form part of the basis for any attack on the government’s assertion that the data is secure. In this respect these are unchartered waters especially as the 2007 Act was not in existence during the last Census.

It is time for the politicians, the corporate puppets and the mainstream media to

..and reveal the true nature of our stealth slavery system of PUBLIC money for PRIVATE/corporate gain. The road to fascism.

It is time to put an end to these trillion dollar individuals and their despicable agenda of One World Government. People such as the Rothschilds, who have had us under their thumbs for far too long.

It is time to investigate and confiscate the assets of the vast leviathan companies who either as the companies themselves, their parent companies, subsidiary companies, pre-merger companies, or via their major shareholders, financed and profited from the Holocaust. Companies such as IBM, Brown Brothers Harriman, JP Morgan Chase, Capita, Barclays and many more. It is time drug banks such as HSBC, Citibank and the like are exposed as the massive drug laundering operations that they are. It is time their major decision-making shareholders were behind bars and their assets repaid to the people.

All these companies (except to our knowledge HSBC) are linked to the Census as shareholders, having major stakes and therefore gaining major profits from it all from our joint pool of tax money. We should demand that these contracts be cancelled as being immoral, contrary to public policy and not in the interests of a democratic society.

The Census should immediately be scrapped until a full Public Enquiry can be allowed to take place.

It is time to put an end to the corporations, through a minority of corrupt politicians, controlling our lives and shearing us of our vast resources and wealth. It is time for us to expose the faces of their major shareholders despite their attempts at secrecy trading through mazes of companies and corporations. It is time for us ALL to demand transparency, to scrutinise and analyse what they are doing with OUR money, money that we could otherwise spend on worthwhile causes. Whether on our families or our communities.

Big government and the military industrial complex must start to learn that we will not stand for them brainwashing us any longer. This includes the controlled media such as Murdoch’s papers, peddling rubbish to throw us off the track.

We will not stand for them robbing us of our hard-earned tax money to line the pockets of those immoral billion dollar companies and bankers with GDP’s larger than nation states. We will demand repayment of money stolen, not only from us but from our forefathers.

We will not stand for them treating our private lives and private data as their “open books”.

We must demand the return of our troops from Iraq, an end to the needless bloodshed in the name of the oil companies’ profits.

We must demand the return of our troops from Afghanistan, an end to the needless bloodshed in the name of profits for the drug barons and drug money laundering banks such as Citibank with its dirty hands all over our Census.

We must immediately reverse our government’s policy of “tolerating” opium production in Afghanistan which then filters into our neighbourhoods and streets as heroin. Our government’s present policy is taking us for fools in that it is clear there is no “war on drugs”. If the Taliban on horseback could eliminate all poppy production in a matter of months during 2001, then the might of the UK armed forces can ensure that this is done before pulling out and thereafter exerting political pressure to ensure it stays forever a thing of the past.

Standing up for our morals and beliefs and for our own and others’ civil liberties has never been more important. We must unite together in these most noble of goals. Liberties once taken away are very hard and often bloody to win back. By not taking action today, it will be tomorrow’s generations who will pay the price.

This is our chance to really make a difference and to be remembered and honoured for doing so. To really show them that we are a nation with a powerful collective conscience which is awakening and becoming increasingly politically aware. X-factor and trash TV will not be enough to divert us from our core morals towards our fellow men and women whether here or abroad. We will not allow murder and torture to be carried out in our names. We WILL NOT rest until we break free from the shackles of corporate slavery.

In summary, whilst there are many forms of protest, the safest form will be to boycott the census by either

a) using a change of name deed poll which will cost you nothing or
b) simply to DO NOTHING. Just make sure you avoid them and you’ll be fine! Action through inaction !

For the braver and more determined amongst you, all out protest and legal action will be the key and details of solicitors firms handling these cases are available on request.

The giant octopus, with its tentacles of corruption has infiltrated the Executive and the Legislative branches of our government. All parties. All sides. Not all policiticians but the key decision-makers have certainly been bought. Their words are empty and hollow to those that read between the lines. To see whose interests they are really serving, one need look no further than their daily deeds.

Our last hope is with our Judiciary. But we ourselves must be proactive. It is time to stop moaning and instead rise up and challenge authority for what we believe in. In private places and in public places, we must gather in numbers and actively discuss and debate. We must demonstrate and disobey whenever the opportunity arises. Civil and peaceful disobedience. Resistance is growing and there is power and strength in our numbers sufficient to defeat governments or their insidious policies, but much more importantly to defeat the puppet masters behind governments.

Resistance is fertile.

Say NO MORE to Big Government. Say NO MORE to the Military Industrial Complex and their weapons sales. Say NO MORE to wars, murder and torture under the guise of the infinite “War on Terror”. Say NO MORE to the banks that line the pockets of key politicians through secret backroom lobbying. Say NO MORE to Fractional Reserve Banking and Bailouts using OUR PUBLIC TAX MONEY (our labour, our sweat) to enrich the private owners of the banks. Say NO MORE to the use of PUBLIC MONEY for any private benefit as this is pure and simple slavery.

Census data will be used against us not for us. Say NO MORE to invasion of privacy. We are individuals. We are not your cattle to herd, compartmentalise and monitor at your whim.

Government is to be OUR servant, OUR slave. NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND.

Natural Resources belong to the PEOPLE. That whore Thatcher sold OUR PROPERTY, so the Rothschilds could add to their unreported trillions (not billions)

Banking belongs to the PEOPLE

Let us take OUR POWER BACK

Let this be the first of our many struggles

Demosthenes 384-322 BC
Athenian statesman and orator

“All speech is vain and empty unless it be accompanied by action.”

or in this case…


Boycott the UK 2011 Census
Action through inaction
Do nothing. And do it NOW!

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