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Ok these are doctors talking about pot/cannabis and its benefits for a range of medical conditions, do you want to take on board what they are saying, or would you rather listen to your governments opinion?

Governments know everything that’s good for you and as such should be trusted at every level, lol.

In this country we have of course the police enforcing these fuck backwards laws, that prevent us from self medicating and or socializing peacefully with others, not much money in that eh!

At this stage ask your-self why cannabis is illegal, do the work, find the truth, just follow the money and seek out the corruption and control that governs your life in the heard.


Most powerful company! …you never heard of!

Hmmm can’t say I am to happy about this, time to dig deeper on these greedy controlling bastards.


Taking Liberties [Full Film]

Think you are free?? think again!!

If this vid does not bother you nothing will and only your own suppression will convey the truths we should all be aware of, the only thing that did not as of yet come about in this vid is ID cards.

On a personal note here, I ask you on a human to human basis, do you think that this is normal? do you think that this is right? do you want this for your children?

If you can answer yes to those three questions take a look in the mirror and find yourself again, ask what you want of this life.


I am really struggling with this today, this next vid is of some of our pensioners and a few disabled folks having to handcuff them-selves to a London bus because no one will hear their voice.

Disgusted is a mild word compared to what I feel about this.

Any Questions?

For those who doubted my statement concerning the UK police, the police have been cleared of any wrong doing in the Jody McIntyre case, watch the vid below for a refresher.


Spanish police here taking lessons from our own force (farce) and don’t say that our police are nothing like what you will see in the vids, most of the stuff in the UK goes un-reported by MSM, but you knew that right?

This last one is really shocking.

Interested…I am… (via nominedeus)

This is the stuff to make you think, watch these two vids found by one of the better bloggers out there, interesting is an under-statement.

via nominedeus

Facebook cracks down

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

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Censoring the internet here in the UK, do you still believe that you have free speech?
This in from PressTV
The social networking service Facebook, whose claimed agenda is to connect people, has unleashed a crackdown on free speech by closing down 50 British protest groups.

The privately owned incorporation, which is defined as a “social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them”, by its creator, deactivated dozens of pages created by the UK students to organize anti-austerity protests this weekend.
Other pages and profiles removed from the Facebook website included UK Uncut, and pages created by students during last December’s university occupations, causing an outcry from campaigners.

A list posted on the Stop Facebook Purge group says Chesterfield Stop the Cuts, Tower Hamlet Greens, London Student Assembly, Southwark SoS and Bristol Uncut sites are no longer functioning.
The profiles’ administrators say hundreds of links between activists have been broken in the run up to the May Day bank holiday.

“I woke up this morning to find that a lot of the groups we’d been using for anti cuts activity had disappeared. The timing of it seems suspicious, given a general political crackdown because of the [royal] wedding. It seems that dozens of other groups have also been affected, including some of the local UK Uncut groups”, said Guy Aitchison, 26, an administrator for one of the non-functioning pages.

This is while that a Facebook spokeswoman claimed “the profiles were suspended because they had not been registered correctly”.
She denied that the removal of pages was politically motivated or instigated by law enforcement concerns before the royal wedding.

The company did not confirm how many activist accounts had been deactivated on Friday morning.
However, the spokeswoman said activists would be contacted by email and told how to re-activate their accounts correctly. But, they said, this would take several days.

“It’s pretty flat-footed of Facebook to pull profiles without notifying users. Clearly, if you just take down sites without any warning, people are going to feel aggrieved, they’re going to have activities disrupted and be unable to organize politically,” said Jim Killock, 38 who runs the Open Rights Group, which campaigns for civil liberties on the net.

“It’s a pretty bureaucratic move; it’s almost impossible to know the difference between a profile and a page, so Facebook should have emailed people first and given them some notice. It’s bizarre and upsetting and it’s not a good way to treat their users,” he said.

Facebook is not suited to the purpose of organizing political causes. It may be an easy place to mobilize people, but between its capricious management and the ease of mining it for social graphs, it is an authoritarian secret policeman’s best friend and a censor’s bosom buddy, campaigners said.

Protests (sort of)

The art of protesting is a funny animal, some do shouting, some do humor, some do violence, all in all there are many many ways to protest, I don’t condone the violent ones but what ever floats ya boat I suppose, anyway I have just come across these Barclays Bank protests from today, I do-not agree with the perpetuating of a system that enslaves us all but these protesters probably don’t realize that yet (they shall wake up soon)(I hope).

Ok hats of to the man in this first vid (well done) he decided to get off his arse and do something, I suspect that he is not alone in his wanting change and maybe this is insight into the sleeping population slowly rising from their slumber, great (yawn) protest though (yawn), sorry (yawn) I must (yawn) be ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

Meanwhile at another Barclays Bank protest, its really kicking off, just listen to them, that will show them bankers eh!!!!

Listen UK Uncut protesting folks, I am sorry for the sarcasm I could not help it, you are quite right to be doing something, but if you want to be heard near silence is not the way.