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Humanity Overdue

What have they/we done eh? what have we fucking done, we fix this or we die it’s as simple as that.

“Short Documentary exploring the current state of the world and some of the social, environmental and economic changes which could be put into place to create a better quality of life globally.”

Thanks to for a profound vid that needs to be watched.

The End of The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project

So its all over then?? Maybe, maybe not.

Free renewable energy

Prospect Park Earth Battery

Image by mzdoherty via Flickr

Whole thing taken from somewhere else, I can’t remember where but credit goes to the author anyway.

Recently NASA has been warning us of a catastrophic event that will occur within the next 2 years. National power grids could overheat and air travel severely disrupted while electronic items, navigation devices and major satellites could stop working after the Sun reaches its maximum power in a few years.

Senior space agency scientists believe the Earth will be hit with unprecedented levels of magnetic energy from solar flares after the Sun wakes “from a deep slumber” sometime around 2013. Such a storm occurred in 1859.

Shortly after the Sun reached solar maximum in 1859, the Sun experienced a significant increase in sun spot activity as well as a sequence of intense solar flares. The largest solar flare on record during the maximum was then observed by British astronomer Richard Carrington. The result of the flare was a coronal mass ejection that sent charged particles streaming toward Earth, reaching the atmosphere only 18 hours after the ejection. This is startlingly quick given that the trip normally takes several days.

Once the particles reach the Earth they caused a series of phenomena to occur, the likes of which the Earth has not experienced since. First of all, charged particles are usually captured by the Earth’s magnetic field, and primarily get funneled to the poles. There, they interact with the Earth’s atmosphere creating brilliant colors known as aurora.

In this case, however, the flux of particles was so high that the magnetic field could not shield the Earth from them all. So instead of aurora only being created near the poles, they came into existence throughout the Earth. Reports of aurora were common over the Caribbean, as well as the central United States. At one point the glow in the Rocky Mountains was such that it awoke the sleeping miners, causing them to begin getting prepared for the day, believing that it was in fact dawn.

Another, and perhaps more significant, problem was that the charged particle flux began to wreak havoc on electronic systems. Specifically, failure of telegraph systems world-wide were reported.

A recent report commissioned by the office of the President showed that in fact such a storm would not only cause problems for electronic devices, but could potentially bring down the entire power grid. And not just here, but around the world. The kind of damage that would be caused could take months to repair.

In response to the report, scientists from around the world have been working to make our power grid more robust, and are seeking to find ways to protect our satellite systems. Also, development of other technologies could help protect electronic devices that we use every day. However, time appears to be quickly running out so what can you and I do to prepare for such a day? I am sure not everyone will be taken care of in the event of a global event like this – the United States government failed miserably to respond to the people’s needs during Hurricane Katrina and many died. We all know what happens when a power blackout occurs within a major metropolitan area. Imagine every metropolitan area around the World going dark all at once. I don’t know about you, but I think I will have a better chance of survival if I started to prepare an alternate source of energy to get me through this predicted event.

Could you imagine? No electricity for months? No phones, no computers, no internet? According to NASA that is the possibility that we are facing. However, this would take a massive storm like the one in 1859 to even approach such cataclysmic events, but it is something that we need to be aware of.

Although it is possible to live life without electricity, the fact is that we rely on electrical energy to survive. Electricity powers our lights, our home heating devices, our water pumps, our phones, our radios, our TV, our streetcars, … get the picture? Yes electricity is essential to our survival. But we need not rely on our government and for profit public utility companies to provide the electricity we need. Almost everywhere you go, you will find surplus raw materials, machinery, and technology. It is entirely possible to create free energy from literally scrap and junk. The simplest electrical energy producing apparatus is the earth battery. The earth battery is free energy. The earth battery is renewable energy with zero emissions.

Earth batteries were used extensively around the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century to power telegraph lines. They were buried in convenient locations along the power lines and supplied free current for that infrastructure. The technology was discarded and replaced with hydroelectric because hydro was a measurable, finite resource that industry could use to make money. Much like oil.

The earth battery bears a resemblance to the common chemical/acid battery you may be familiar with, if you’ve ever torn apart a battery or done science experiments. Basically, the battery consists of two metal sheets or rods: one copper or carbon, and the other zinc or aluminum (galvanized steel is a zinc surface), each with wires running from them. These are negative – and positive + terminals of the battery. Once these metals are buried in soil (at a distance of 1-10 feet), you will have measurable current between your terminals. The key to a good earth battery is the moisture content of the soil – wet and acidic . Always bury your metal rods or sheets in wet acidic soil.

The average single earth battery produces about .8 volts. Some say that to obtain the best current, the rods/sheets should be positioned in a North (copper) to South (zinc) alignment, but it actually doesn’t matter. There are a few ways to increase your available current with an earth battery setup:

1. Size and number – this is basically the ‘more is better’ principle – you vary the size of your rods/sheets, and how many of them you decide to bury in series. Using a larger surface of metal, and planting several of them in series, will deliver more telluric current.

2. Efficiency – passing your current through a circuit and capacitor can improve the output and reliability of your voltage. A great example that is easy to set up is called the ‘joule thief’. This takes your direct current and oscillates it so that it actually delivers more usable energy than is actually available in the form of a direct stream.

3. Magnification – Current can be amplified by a number of salvaged devices and standalone equipment such as the common store-bought 12v-110v power inverters used with car batteries and solar panels.

With some basic ingenuity, you should be able to pull together a portable kit that you can plant in any moist soil, and which can supply you with free energy for lighting, small devices, or perhaps a recharge station. If you developed this technology, you could very easily power a small community for free with a very small investment in simple resources (metals, wire, etc). There are people powering entire buildings using earth batteries in the same way that solar panels are used. The difference is, they keep their mouths shut. The Powers That Be don’t like this technology, because they can’t make money from it.

The Truth About Slavery

How far have we come sice the days of slavery, the only things missing these days are the chains.

Zeitgeist Part I: The Greatest Story Ever Told

This next vid is for all people of religion, not against your religion just giving you some facts to go with a recent chat I have been to.

Protests (sort of)

The art of protesting is a funny animal, some do shouting, some do humor, some do violence, all in all there are many many ways to protest, I don’t condone the violent ones but what ever floats ya boat I suppose, anyway I have just come across these Barclays Bank protests from today, I do-not agree with the perpetuating of a system that enslaves us all but these protesters probably don’t realize that yet (they shall wake up soon)(I hope).

Ok hats of to the man in this first vid (well done) he decided to get off his arse and do something, I suspect that he is not alone in his wanting change and maybe this is insight into the sleeping population slowly rising from their slumber, great (yawn) protest though (yawn), sorry (yawn) I must (yawn) be ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

Meanwhile at another Barclays Bank protest, its really kicking off, just listen to them, that will show them bankers eh!!!!

Listen UK Uncut protesting folks, I am sorry for the sarcasm I could not help it, you are quite right to be doing something, but if you want to be heard near silence is not the way.

The Zeitgeist Movement: EXPOSED

This next vid is a sarcastic look at some of the arguments against Zeitgeist.

Make the Change

This next vid has wise words of truth, listen to the warnings within.

NWO -v- Zeitgeist

Ok before I start off on this its best you know that all these views are my own only, I am sure the Zeitgeist Movement will agree with most of the intention within.

Following a great comment by a reader I feel I should at least attempt to clear this one up (reader you know who you are lol), the notion of the NWO (new world order) has been around for quite a few years now, it is said that we are conspired against by governments and shadowy figures (illuminati and friends) who wish to usher in the NWO which is a one world government, and the rest of us knowing what sort of asshole fuckbrains they are don’t really want any of that going on thanks very much, I mean come on now they can’t run one country never mind the whole bloody world, oh yes and there is the small thing of them wanting to do away with most of us to leaving the global population at 5oo million (fuck).

Now maybe it sort of sounds ok to some out there, but not to those who might end up as worm food, I was once all for a one world government but not the one they have in mind, mine was full of peace and happiness a world of no borders a dream yea, but that is all it would ever be because back then I too never saw a life without money so my way would never have worked my way had money, I never even knew that there were other ways such as Zeitgeist but this was before Zeitgeist and I was still asleep.

So it has been said that Zeitgeist is a ploy to usher in the NWO and unless you have fully digested everything that has been said in Zeitgeist I can understand why, but lets look at some of the facts here.

NWO = any period of history evidencing a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power, or a secret elite is conspiring to rule the world via world government and globalization, so looking at parts of that statement we can easily draw a parallel with Zeitgeist, erm no not really.

Zeitgeist = No governments what so ever, no single one group of leaders at all, bam!!!! there go those key words, power = no, elite = no, political = no, rule = no, balance = yes.

Now to address the what if they start to rule us after we have united and given up our cash??

Would you after the battle just sit on your backside and say ok lets do it your way again, but this time kill of more of us and by the way we didn’t have enough poor people the last time, followed by do you want your oil bath topping up sir?? all the while thinking I am not getting payed enough for this, you just would not take that shit no-one would.

Zeitgeist and the Venus Project offer a valid contribution to all humanity and our planet as a whole, I dont see the NWO offering anything close to it, and if it was all a ploy by the secret elites you will be able to re-name them the hunted elites.

Peter Joseph’s Response to Stefan Molyneux [Zeitgeist: Moving Forward]

Although this response is directed to Stefan (stefbot) Molyneux I feel it can answer many questions out there surrounding the groundbreaking docu/vid, its sort of an audio Zeitgeist and a treat for anyone who is familiar with this valid work.

Thanks to TZM Official Channel for this new vid.

2011 Global Revolution Goes Viral Enough=Enough

26 Different countries protest their governments so far in 2011, if you watched zeitgeist to the end you have got to ask yourself, IS IT TIME?? IS IT REALY TIME??

They are taking it to the streets for many many reasons that all stem from GOVERNMENT CONTROL over people’s everyday lives, is YOUR country next???

Take a stand make a change away from government tyranny and rule, you can do it, you were never alone!!!!!



At last here it is the NEW Zeitgeist vid, enjoy and spread far and wide.

Zeitgeist The Summary

Only a couple of days to go now, here is some more to get you in the mood, and a bit of background to it all.


Zeitgeist Moving Forward Teaser

(Release Date 01-25-2011) Only three days to go now, man this stuffs important, that was the first time I have ever heard him talk like that, this man is followed by an ideal, a new way forwards for all of us, if we only listen, our days of anger and rage will soon be behind us all, looking at his face at the end of the vid, moved me beyond words.