Saying NO to the governments systems of control and spreading TRUTH about our status quo Ξ√ΩLUT↑☼N anyone??


How Did WEED Become illegal? brings us yet more education.

Marijuana FACTS They Don’t Want You To Hear!!!

Dont know why I keep on covering this ground, maybe it’s because I see so much ignorance towards this subject, maybe it’s because I know that we have been lied to, or maybe it’s because stupid fucks that think cannabis is harmful and as such users are criminals always get their moral high ground heard, while ignoring the ever mounting facts.

We even have the Police blindly following any and every law surrounding the plant with no personal common sence evident, your scum of the earth if you smoke cannabis, scum of the fucking earth.

Ok so that last bit was sarcasm but it does highlight how you are made to feel, and for those here in the UK I have said this before, but in case you missed it somehow, the British Government have known for 37 fucking years that cannabis kills cancer cells, run a search here or google it for the facts, good luck with that.


Food For Thought (1 of 8) (George Carlin RIP Special)

Big thanks to Bill for this post, and of course.

George Carlin On Drugs And Marijuana

Next Time You Smoke Weed, Remember This!

Have a read of this snippet, then pop over to Aljazeera and read the rest, maybe watch the vid here to from >>>>><<<<< he has some quality stuffs for you over there.

Big thanks to my buddy Indy for the article, cheers buddy.


“The Portuguese government decriminalised all drug use, including the so-called “dangerous drugs” like heroin, methamphetamine and crack cocaine. decriminalization is not legalisation, and the police can still arrest people for drug use and drug trafficking. But with the passage of Law 30/2000, drug use or possession is not deemed a criminal offence but instead, an administrative one. Portuguese drug policy experts confronted the fact that prison stigmatised people, teaches criminal survival skills and makes social reintegration difficult. And putting people behind bars didn’t decrease drug use.

People are allowed to have up to 10 days-worth of any drug. Nuno Capaz, a sociologist in Lisbon, said, “We’re not in the business of handing out criminal records. The police aren’t stalking drug users to arrest them.” The Portuguese criminal justice system is no longer overcrowded with drug users. According to the Institute of Drug and Drug Dependence, the number of people arrested for criminal offences related to drugs plummeted from 14,000 to an average of 5,000-5,500 per year.

A new strategy for understanding the social determinants of drug use and addiction was developed based on the principles of humanism and pragmatism. The values of dignity, respect, choice and the guaranteed right to treatment is the bedrock of the National Drug Strategy. This fundamental paradigm shift has changed the way Portuguese society thinks about those who use illegal drugs. They believe that antes tratar que punir, it is better to treat than punish. Drug users aren’t criminals to be demonized and incarcerated, but human beings who use drugs recreationally and should be left alone, or have an addiction and should be offered help.

The pragmatism built into Portuguese drug policy eliminated the adoption of solutions and interventions based on unscientific, coercive, menacing drug war lies and hype. An unapologetic harm reduction approach is embedded at every level of the system, from the understanding of the causes of addiction (poverty, social isolation) to the variety of drug treatment options available (mobile methadone vans and non-12-step drug treatment.)”

Cannabis Can Cure Certain Forms of Cancer

Probably my last post on this subject, the way I see it is, if you don’t get it by now you never will, educate your-selves, it is not in the financial interests of the UK pharmaceutical industry for folk to self medicate with viable treatments they can grow them-selves, it’s just not good for the economy, its fucking great for the population though, but which is more important healthy humans or long-term sick humans who need all sorts of medications.

Sick people are a money-maker and while cannabis treatments are suppressed they always will be.


This is what ignorance looks like, David Cameron on Cannabis, the fucking liar!!



Got the EVIDENCE to prove that Cameron you twat.



Who You Gonna Believe, Your Eyes Or A Big Pharma Shill?


Joe Rogan Destroys Dr Drew on Marijuana!

Listen to this one to the end and bask in common sence.



Cannabis Hemp Knowledge.






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Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you see that word above? (Marijuana) I will happily lay a bet that you think of hippies, pot heads or druggies, but that’s ok, you have been programmed to think like that, you were not able to gather your own information about it so you took the instantly trustable side of the government, they told you that it’s against the law for a reason but failed to let you know or prove what that reason was, but hey that’s ok to, they are the government after all, maybe they know something we don’t and so we must embrace their guiding hand for our own good.

Or maybe they are just looking out for the interests of their corporate friends that only exist to part your cash from you, for those who don’t like to hear these sorts of things, I suggest that you research into these subjects your-self, for those of you who have an opinion, whats your take on this?

Are you getting this yet?

Is it sinking in?

Do you realise that you have been lied to?

UPDATE !!! The vid was taken down so try here

A Cure For Cancer – Max Igan talks with Rick Simpson – Hemp & Cannabis

If you have a spare hour free out of your ever so busy life, take the time to listen to Max here.

It is for your own benefit that some all truths must be known, on the other hand if you prefer fragmented corporate propaganda marketed as truth there are plenty of .gov sites out there for you to visit.



Ok these are doctors talking about pot/cannabis and its benefits for a range of medical conditions, do you want to take on board what they are saying, or would you rather listen to your governments opinion?

Governments know everything that’s good for you and as such should be trusted at every level, lol.

In this country we have of course the police enforcing these fuck backwards laws, that prevent us from self medicating and or socializing peacefully with others, not much money in that eh!

At this stage ask your-self why cannabis is illegal, do the work, find the truth, just follow the money and seek out the corruption and control that governs your life in the heard.



Ok how much more truth do you need before you wake up to the fact that cannabis is far from bad for you, and its medical uses have been suppressed by corrupt governments for over thirty-seven fucking years!!

In fact the truth of the matter is that its been demonized by the PTB so they could make huge profits from oil and wood, which are two things humans could really do without exploiting.

This is a seventeen part talk giving you almost everything you need to make an informed decision (something the gov wont do), I have said this before and will say it again, how many more loved ones must we lose to cancer before this treatment is legalized? How many millions currently suffer with loss of mobility and pain with MS because these crooks wont do the right thing?

I am calling them out and saying no to government, NO NOT IN MY  NAME !!!!!

The first vid is here and you can follow the links over on YouTube to get the rest.



What is the Controversy behind Cannabis Hemp?

Same goes for us here in the UK to, educate your selves!!


Not to sure about this, but hey ho looks like a plan, maybe this one will work eh, maybe?

Phase one initiated, as of today we are at war, we are anonymous, YOU are anonymous, join the revolution here :

Been looking further into this and I like it (as plans go), us truthers out there have been doing “phase 1” for years though, but even I can admit that we need more folks on board.