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£10 Billion public money to PRIVATE corporations banks

Mark is always going to be welcome here, some call them rant`s I call them need to be said, how fucking much more of their shit can we take eh? how much? not joking, how fucking much?

The Money Changers Then And Now

This next vid is a little education about money and how we ended up where we are now, at this point I would like you all to consider that everything that is and has happened to us was planned, it`s called PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION, so let me explain it to you;

The PTB created certain conditions to profit from and reduce the populations of those useless eater`s, they did this by creating a boom time where everybody had plenty to go round, and everybody was quite happy, but this was all part of their plan, at that stage they were already moving their wealth about and betting on a global depression, I say global because un-like us these fuckers can go where they want any time they like.

The next stage of their plan is the actual near crash of the , market`s, they own everything, any way so that part was easy especially seeing`s the sheep would end up paying in the name of saving the economy, add into that growing oppression and blatant in your face stupid decisions designed to anger you, all of that and more is in part the PROBLEM.

Now things get interesting, global discontent is now filtering across to include the middle classes and the separation of the elites and the rest of us is evident to most of the population, peaceful protest is and will eventually turn to rioting and civil war, no country will be immune from this, but of course that is exactly what the PTB want, that is the REACTION part of the plan.

WWIII may also be part of the plan, when enough people have died and humans are in a deep state of despair, the uncommonly silent PTB will now start to voice solutions beneficial to themselves and we will also believe that their ideas may be beneficial to us to, that will be the SOLUTION part.

ITS ALL A GAME, THEIR GAME, AND WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO WIN, but a change in consciousness is now starting to filter in to the global population and if enough people can educate them-selves into the truth we may just stand a chance.

Rage & Outrage Are Waiting

For the Anons and the world courtesy of Occupy The Banks and

Anonymous:- Address To The Governmen Of Greece – You Should’ve Expected Us

Just fucking watch it eh!!

Occupy the World

No words needed,


Hmm can he be right? to be honest with you I have heard this sort of stuff way to many times to completely belive in it, but in this case hmm there are facts surrounding it and it is the right time.

See what you think, all of the vid via click on the links ON the vid for important UPDATES.

Let Us All Unite!

Before any of us start to forget the reasons, of WHY we do what we do, have another listen to this inspiring vid, remember it, record it and play it where you occupy, play it loud so the “machine men” with their “machine minds” can clearly understand, and forget their fucking NWO, the NWO is something in their minds and plan, we have a new world order two, it’s just ours does not include the way they used to run things, or ever will again.







Shit About To Hit Fan?

The shit is about to hit the fan, just read this little lot from The European Union Times <<<<<<LINKY, but first here is a snippet from the artical in question.

Oh and the photo is of an upside-down chicken, because its an upside-down chicken >>>>>>>>

“A shocking new Federal Security Services (FSB) report on Prime Minister Putin’s meeting this past week with one of China’s top military leaders is warning that the United States and its Western allies are in “active preparation” for the unleashing of a series of catastrophic events over the coming year designed to throw the world into chaos from which they hope global economic and social order can be restored.

According to this FSB report, China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) were given the outlines of this massive plot by a former Blackwater mercenary named Bryan Underwood who was a contract security guard at a US consulate in China who believed his actions in getting this information to China and Russia would help avert an “apocalypse.”

Underwood has subsequently been arrested by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who stated in their arrest report of him that: “According to the superseding indictment, from about March 1, 2011, to about Aug. 5, 2011, Underwood knowingly and unlawfully attempted to communicate photographs and other information relating to the national defense to representatives of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), with the intent and reason to believe that these materials would be used to the injury of the United States and to the advantage of a foreign nation.”

Chinese intelligence sources quoted in this report appear to verify Underwood’s fears by noting that the over 1,000 top-secret US documents and photographs obtained by them show an American government “under siege” from multiple threats they fear will spread causing the unleashing of “unprecedented chaos” from which “normal order” will never be able to be reestablished again.”


Hmm, WW III within the next few weeks?

All the players are now in the right place, even in TODAYS news we see a Syrian troop build up on the Turkish border, and this vid was posted on YouTube two days ago!!

Anger Management

Eye death

Image by doug88888 via Flickr

Gerald Celente trends forecasting has rarely been wrong over the years, he is a man who should command our attention when looking ahead of time, after all our respective governments wont tell us whats really happening will they, if you think that they have your interests at heart you’re a naive little fucker who needs to grow the fuck up (what don’t you like the truth?), anyway I digress, as we all know the global economy is far from healthy, in fact it has failed completely and our governments are just worshiping a corps which they are trying their best to convince us is alive, every depression and deep recession over history has always ended with a war, it’s just they way they do things, war is profitable, you do know that right?

We now stand at the edge of the third global war (the last global war), this will be the one that ends them all and it’s already started, fool yourselves no longer, wake the fuck up, its all coming to an end and your invited.


This one is for all those sheeple who wake up everyday and say “oh no not that Libia stuff again” you know the ones, those people who have forgotten all about the global unrest that is sweeping the planet.

Multiculturalism in the UK

This in from Press TV,

The solution is simple really, if you don’t want terrorists (or freedom fighters) bringing their fight to your doorstep, get the hell out of their countries and leave them alone.

David Cameron has proved to be a narrow-minded guy, who is not eligible to be the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister’, a Press TV viewer described the British premier.

The comment was made after Cameron declared multiculturalism in the UK as a failure in his speech at the Munich Security Conference.

Cameron pleased the English Defense League (EDL) the most when he attacked the UK Muslim community. Another Press TV viewer reminded that the EDL is a Jewish product.

“Don’t forget that the English Defence League is a Jewish creation, and Cameron also has Jewish roots, so his racism and utter hypocrisy are his ‘values’. This mindset of the British Empire caused it to start World War I and World War II and subsequent wars. It’s a mindset of denial”, said the anonymous Briton.

British Muslims have been used as scapegoats over the past 10 years by corrupt politicians, who sought ways to divert attentions from the country real problems to pick on a defenseless community.

The British media completely ignore discrimination in employment, and in behaviour towards Muslims but the media focus on the tiny Muslim minority on a daily basis to justify the political treatment of them.

A majority of the British population believe it seems like there is not much democracy left in the UK despite what the politicians propagate and/or try to make people believe. And that’s why they say “we should never vote in this country again”.

In his Munich speech, Cameron talked about the failure of multiculturalism in the UK.

Yet, did he or his predecessors ever talk of multiculturalism when the British Empire plundered Muslim lands and slaughtered Muslims in the Middle East, Africa and Asia?

“Even if you sell every square inch of England; it will not be enough to pay for all the wealth and resources that you stole to enrich your ungrateful freaking kings and queens down the ages”, wrote an anonymous British.

With the austerity measures in mind, Cameron is going to cut funding to some of the “representative” organisations, hence he is fomenting anger towards Muslims.

This is also a pre-emptive measure to bolster the secret services to stop any kind of dissent, that is brewing at these times of hardship; rising food prices, falling national currency value, inflation, unemployment, and general misery all around except for the rich, and super rich across the
That last part is priceless.

Earth inc. – The modern world in 9 minutes

Now then this next vid pulls no punches, it has a straight forward style that some may find a bit negative, but the truth as we say can and will hurt those who live their lives in the dark, try to think on how we can change the way we live rather than dwelling on the way we are now, reminders such as this play a role in guidance to a more positive outlook. Love the truth, spread the truth, LIVE the truth.

Oh yea and while your doing that dont forget to check out this great youtube channel







500+Trillion Fraud leading us into WWIII

Ahh the sweet smell of truth, my suggestions right about here are to do a little research into these subjects, don’t listen to bankers or government repeaters, check this stuff out yourself, a tiny part of your time away from the TV will work wonders, I mean come on now you dont realy need people like me to tell you this stuff eh??

You do have your own mind dont you??