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Multiculturalism in the UK

This in from Press TV,

The solution is simple really, if you don’t want terrorists (or freedom fighters) bringing their fight to your doorstep, get the hell out of their countries and leave them alone.

David Cameron has proved to be a narrow-minded guy, who is not eligible to be the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister’, a Press TV viewer described the British premier.

The comment was made after Cameron declared multiculturalism in the UK as a failure in his speech at the Munich Security Conference.

Cameron pleased the English Defense League (EDL) the most when he attacked the UK Muslim community. Another Press TV viewer reminded that the EDL is a Jewish product.

“Don’t forget that the English Defence League is a Jewish creation, and Cameron also has Jewish roots, so his racism and utter hypocrisy are his ‘values’. This mindset of the British Empire caused it to start World War I and World War II and subsequent wars. It’s a mindset of denial”, said the anonymous Briton.

British Muslims have been used as scapegoats over the past 10 years by corrupt politicians, who sought ways to divert attentions from the country real problems to pick on a defenseless community.

The British media completely ignore discrimination in employment, and in behaviour towards Muslims but the media focus on the tiny Muslim minority on a daily basis to justify the political treatment of them.

A majority of the British population believe it seems like there is not much democracy left in the UK despite what the politicians propagate and/or try to make people believe. And that’s why they say “we should never vote in this country again”.

In his Munich speech, Cameron talked about the failure of multiculturalism in the UK.

Yet, did he or his predecessors ever talk of multiculturalism when the British Empire plundered Muslim lands and slaughtered Muslims in the Middle East, Africa and Asia?

“Even if you sell every square inch of England; it will not be enough to pay for all the wealth and resources that you stole to enrich your ungrateful freaking kings and queens down the ages”, wrote an anonymous British.

With the austerity measures in mind, Cameron is going to cut funding to some of the “representative” organisations, hence he is fomenting anger towards Muslims.

This is also a pre-emptive measure to bolster the secret services to stop any kind of dissent, that is brewing at these times of hardship; rising food prices, falling national currency value, inflation, unemployment, and general misery all around except for the rich, and super rich across the
That last part is priceless.


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