Saying NO to the governments systems of control and spreading TRUTH about our status quo Ξ√ΩLUT↑☼N anyone??

Anger Management

Eye death

Image by doug88888 via Flickr

Gerald Celente trends forecasting has rarely been wrong over the years, he is a man who should command our attention when looking ahead of time, after all our respective governments wont tell us whats really happening will they, if you think that they have your interests at heart you’re a naive little fucker who needs to grow the fuck up (what don’t you like the truth?), anyway I digress, as we all know the global economy is far from healthy, in fact it has failed completely and our governments are just worshiping a corps which they are trying their best to convince us is alive, every depression and deep recession over history has always ended with a war, it’s just they way they do things, war is profitable, you do know that right?

We now stand at the edge of the third global war (the last global war), this will be the one that ends them all and it’s already started, fool yourselves no longer, wake the fuck up, its all coming to an end and your invited.


So what do you think?

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