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I am really struggling with this today, this next vid is of some of our pensioners and a few disabled folks having to handcuff them-selves to a London bus because no one will hear their voice.

Disgusted is a mild word compared to what I feel about this.

British pensioners to hold protests April 11th

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Press TV here with another disturbing story of our decline, talk about a sick world we now live in, pensioners protesting!!, what the fuck has happened to this country or more to the point, why do we let our government get away with it, and it’s not just our main government down there in London or those tits in the Scottish gov, look on your doorstep at LOCAL LEVEL for the real crooks, but more on naming and shaming them at a later date.
The National Pensioners Convention (NPC) is to hold its biggest nationwide protest on Monday, April 11, against government spending cuts before pension offices.

Some 1.5 million Britons are to protest at the coalition plan of freezing pension credits and huge cuts to vital services.

The protest is to be held in London, Southampton, Walsall, Newcastle and Warrington on April 11.

The coalition government cut the fuel allowance by £100 per household for the elderly in March. However, many councils are still to cut transport subsidies in addition to the previous cuts.

Over 170,000 retired people are to lose almost £45 per week from their housing benefits due to the government’s plan of reducing their allowance by 20 percent.

Dot Gibson, NPC general secretary, said the abandonment of the pensioners on behalf of the government was “breathtaking.”

One in every four pensioners lives below the poverty line in UK, while millions more struggle to earn a bit more than £178 per week.

“We already have one of the least adequate state pensions in the developed world and since coming to power the government has made the situation even worse by changing indexation from the retail price index to the consumer price index,” Gibson said.

“Our pension system is in a mess and these plans won’t do anything to solve that situation. The answer lies in a universal state pension paid to all existing and future pensioners set above the poverty level of £178 a week,” she added.

An NPC spokesperson said they hope there would be no kettling at the Monday protests.