Saying NO to the governments systems of control and spreading TRUTH about our status quo Ξ√ΩLUT↑☼N anyone??


OWS-Revolution Movie ‘I AM NOT MOVING’

A great vid here for those who “think” our governments are good and honest lol, this vid is whats been going on in America but we here in the UK can draw parallels with it easily, we have already been treated like this countless times and those on the ground at all the occupy protests here can expect the same any time soon, fucking great living here isn’t it?

Fox News UK at the Occupy LSX (not)

To be hones with you this is how most of our news from any channel is brought to us, I can see it and hopefully after this vid from you will to, have a laugh about it and enjoy the moment untill it smacks you in the face with the truth about your brain washing anyway.

Occupy the World

No words needed,

Twitter #OccupyEverywhere

OCCUPY STREAMS 107 live streams right here.>>>>>

If you dont know whats going on all over the world right now I suggest you get on to Twitter and follow the hash tag #OccupyEverywhere

The Beginning Of The Awakening

For those who do not yet know how it all really works, try to keep up here it’s not rocket science anymore, listen, digest and enjoy your wake up, you cannot strive for a freedom you were born with, no-one can “give” you what you already have.

Get it?

Greece, even the Dog`s are protesting

You know things are bad when your pet`s are protesting, the situation in Greece is still ongoing, just listen to why in this vid from RT taken today and wonder to your-self why this is not on the “fucking” BBC, mind you nor is the ongoing protest`s all over America, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, South America need I go on!!

Prisoner A19O3CF Norman Scarth — Free and Fighting Back!

Norman Scarth speaks a truth that most of you continue to hide from.

Educating Police About Law (Commonly Known As Dom)

Dom`s been stopped yet again, listen to the lack of understanding here, also we have a copper admitting that he will do anything he is told to do to pay the bills, makes me wonder how many other officers think like that, the police state is truly here.

If you get a chance pop over to YouTube and read the comments to this vid.

Wall Street Occupation LIVE

Hmm now whats going to come of this eh? watch the occupation LIVE here.

About time the Americans stood up for them-selves.

About time the world stood up for its self.

Who am I kidding eh, arrests will be made the whole thing will get closed down and these humans will be ignored as per usual.

On an update to this MADRID is also doing the same today.

Just been reading all the comments over on twitter, try to ignore the trolls & haters and remain peaceful at all times, maybe next time you should try protesting MSM can’t see them ignoring you then.

Of course this is only the start of things to come.

Rebellion in Tottenham 2011

In my last visit to this subject (maybe) I present you with the real story from reel news & the folks who were on those streets at the time of the riots, a hard-hitting wake up call for many.

The truth about the london riots

Ok then here we have it, a look into the truth about the London riots from one of the best vid makers out there The Light.

Footage from the BBC, Sky, IPCC, Cameron and more, so if the government is looking for another scape goat it had better look at MSM and its self first, you are the only ones that can decide the truth, look at this for what it is.

My continuing research into possible causal effects brought these vids to my attention, and it is my hope that an understanding may soon be found, but some-how I don’t think the government are going to like it.

AND DONT RIOT, it’s not helping anyone, don’t let the actions of the few tarnish our reputation.


Part 2


Defense Against the Psychopath (Full length Version)

Turns out we all know one, and vote for them all of the time, oh and some of them police our streets, and yes some are even in the room with you right now.

Are you a Psychopath?

The Herd Mentality

BC_eye.jpg, Border Collie exhibiting "Col...

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Ahh an informative vid to explain why I call most of the population “sheeple”, not nice is it? but non the less its mighty true, I to suffer a slight “sheepness” now and then, but hell I am awake and I am aware and striving to regain what it is to be truly human, which is very difficult when the world is run by farmers & sheep dogs.

I leave it up to you to decide who the farmers and sheep dogs are.

By the way I make no apology to my methods of inciting thinking for your selves.

London Riots. (The BBC will never replay this. Send it out)

Like the gentleman in this interview with the BBC I don’t condone the riots, I wish to understand all the reasons for them, not just here but globally.

The BBC should be ashamed of themselves for speaking to this man like they did, you can hear the twisting and turning of the interviewers words, which sound ever so familiar and reminded me of the way politicians spin.

You may have to turn the volume up a bit on this one, but its well worth a watch to the very end, but of course some of you just want to focus on what happened not how it happened, some of you still think it’s just a problem the UK is facing, and most of you are consenting to further oppression and intolerance without seeking the truth first, the continuation of class, race and social division will all be down to the British public who were to selfish and blind to a growing discontent which spans generations.

When will we learn that everything that happens to us is sometimes indirectly via our own consent.

From Wiki, (words in this colour are mine)

Consent of the governed” is a phrase synonymous with a political theory where in a government‘s legitimacy and moral right to use state power is only justified and legal when derived from the people or society over which that political power is exercised. This theory of “consent” is historically contrasted to the divine right of kings and has often been invoked against the legitimacy of colonialism. Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government.”

A key question is whether the unanimous consent of the governed is required; if so, this would imply the right of secession for those who do not want to be governed by a particular collective. All democratic governments today allow decisions to be made even over the overt dissent of a minority of voters, which in some theorists’ view, calls into question whether said governments can rightfully claim, in all circumstances, to act with the consent of the governed.[1]

By failing to act through the process of constitutional amendment to change such provisions, the people have consented to them. (so doing nothing is not an option is it).


An Un-United Nation

So where are we now after the riots I wonder, do you realy think that the government can fix Britain by force? Wont it make things worse?

The UK population can do a better job than our supposed leaders, all we need is a common law unity, but its sad to say that there are way to many sheeple out there just yet, all willing to perpetuate a system that has had its day, I dont want the youth on the streets rioting, I dont want anybody rioting, I want to know WHY they riot.