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Archive for November 16, 2011

The Zion MainFrame

Ok to be honest with you I started watching this next vid thinking it was just David Icke doing one of his great talks, but no-no no, this vid is full of education and truths, it is one of those that need to be watched to the very end for clarification, I came away from it far from happy but not surprised, with all of the war cries surrounding Iran at the moment you will find some answers here, be very carefull in trusting the MSM, and I don’t think I have to warn you off about politicians do I?

If I do have to warn you about politicians your on the wrong site so fuck off and continue life in a cave.

For fucks sake, Word Press is fucking anoying me again and not letting me insert the vid, so a link to YouTube will have to do for now.

The Euro Crisis – Debt By Design

A bit of home truth here, all packaged so you can see it to, neat eh!!