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Happy Halloween chunkymark style.


The American (British) Dream

This next vid has been doing the rounds for quite a while now and most Americans in the know will have seen it, but I ask here for the rest of the world to give it a shot, why?, because the system the Fed uses is the same system most of the world uses, a complicated issue made simple with cartoons lol mirrored from

Anonymous: Operation Cash Back – Second Press Release

So if this removal of your support from the big bad banking system seems fruitless bear in mind that we at Occupy The Banks are not the only ones doing it, you’re looking at hundreds of thousands world-wide expect them.

Op Cash Back


We all love those bankers don’t we, we know that they have our interests at heart bless them, (sorry I can’t keep that up without throwing up).

The bankers are the global problem, their greed in partnership with the markets have brought this planet to the brink of civil war or world war, what the media tell us is only the tip of the iceberg, people are far from stupid these days and know that there is not enough physical money on the planet to pay the banks back, so how are they going to get it back eh?

They will get their money back from YOU and ME by taking your homes, your cars and anything else of value, they always finance both sides in any war, they will promote revolutions in peaceful countries via our bought and paid for governments in the aim of destabilising a nation to build it back up in their image creating nations of slaves in the name of democracy, the markets are raking in the cash as country after country fall further in debt, yep you’ve got it, they make vast amounts of cash through debt, they buy it and sell it for profit, nice eh!

Look folks, almost every country in the world right now have occupy movements or protesters because of austerity measures brought in by their respective governments, we did not have these measures before 2009 when the markets took a dive and the banks started falling apart because of their own greed, we have these measures because our governments sold us out by bailing out the banks that were deemed to big to fail, they did this without our consent and effectively enslaved us and the next generation into debt, have you noticed how every time the politicians meet to discuss finances the markets fall, have you noticed how every time new austerity measures are set in motion the markets climb, that’s because the markets and the bankers are in full control of the global finances not governments.

Our services that we pay for through taxation are cut back or removed and we still pay the same for the simple reason we are paying back the banks, they have brought the world to its knees and we let them, we hear the term “its good for the economy” so often these days, but ask your self who`s economy is it good for? the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, the working class are the ones that are actually producing things of value through their labour and those fuckers at the top produce nothing, absolutely nothing, so I ask again, WHO`S ECONOMY?

Chunkymark sums it up here in one of his world-famous talks, this one is by request of THANK YOU MARK.

Max Keiser: Debt slash – a debt hike, collapse guaranteed!


One of the best yet, this delightful little poem will touch millions (unless you’re a banker). chunkymark


How Fractional Reserve Banking Works

OK now some of you out there will be wondering at this point as to why Occupy The Banks is doing what it’s doing, well if you head over to their great site you can read why, but in the mean time I ask you to watch this vid and see how you are part of a system that really has enslaved you, neat eh, slavery by consent, clever bankers (or something that sounds like bankers anyway), but hey the cats now out of the bag and I don’t think that the good folk on this planet will like what they see when it finally hits them in the face of whats been going on, the vid is American but the principal remains the same for most of the world.

Occupy The Banks

Knowing what part of the problem is was easy, doing something about it is even easier, a new site has emerged with a valid plan of action that will shake the corrupt thieving power-hungry bankers to its very foundation, we know that we don’t have a voice any-more, we know that protests are ignored suppressed and censored, so what do we have that can make these fuckers listen and change their ways?

Action at this point will speak louder than words, all you need to do is close or transfer your bank account to a credit union on or before November 5th 2011, in doing so you will send a direct message to these controlling elites, that they can no longer use your consent as permission to rape the world and its people, through a fake system based on your debt, debt IS slavery but you knew that right? right?

These PRIVATE banks like the Fed and the Bank of England have had full control of our nations finances for to long, printing money to countries governments and banks at interest that the people always pay back is just criminal and cannot be allowed to continue anymore, these private banks print cash out of thin air and we pay for it, to be honest with you I now find it all fucking laughable that we have let this go on for as long as we have, we trusted our governments to do the right thing boy were we wrong, we believed we lived in a democracy and had rights, wrong again.

If you choose to do this you will have taken a stand against something and will be able to say to your grandchildren that you did something for their future and you will be part of something historic, you don’t even have to totally remove yourself from the banking system (although I cant see why you wouldn’t) you can if you choose go back to them after the fact, but hey that’s up to you.

I do-not condone doing anything criminal and as far as I am aware its your money and your choice, but in doing so we know that something else will be revealed to us, something distasteful will emerge from behind the vail and we will finally see who our controllers really are.

Of course I only out-line a part of the problem here knowing that the whole lot has got to go before we as humans can really advance and take our place as a peaceful global civilisation, a new world order that we choose not their version of it that only serves to perpetuate what they already have.

So off you go now, educate your-selves and free your-selves >>>>>>>

Sign of the Times

Meanwhile in America things are really heating up with the criminal protesters, just look at those thugs.

And just to think that some of you thought you had a voice and you were free lol.

Thanks to one of my American friends for this one, you know who you are.

Muammar Gaddafi For Dummies

Oh boy, if this is true we have just fucked up big time (again), most did not believe what was happening in Libya but of course all we had was a MSM version of events, I don’t pretend to fully know what was going on in Libya, but if life there was anything like this vid portrays we have been played yet again, I hope I am way out on this.

The vid is a little late now but still relevant.

Let’s Get Rich

A great vid here sums it up really, it’s an American one but as I find so often it applies here to.

Can you see it yet?

The alarm clock is ringing and awaiting your response.

David Icke take on ‘Occupy Revolution’

For those who can’t understand why folk are acting in protest all around the world.

David explains some truths here, if you didn’t know this stuff where the hell have you been hiding eh?

OWS-Revolution Movie ‘I AM NOT MOVING’

A great vid here for those who “think” our governments are good and honest lol, this vid is whats been going on in America but we here in the UK can draw parallels with it easily, we have already been treated like this countless times and those on the ground at all the occupy protests here can expect the same any time soon, fucking great living here isn’t it?

Fox News UK at the Occupy LSX (not)

To be hones with you this is how most of our news from any channel is brought to us, I can see it and hopefully after this vid from you will to, have a laugh about it and enjoy the moment untill it smacks you in the face with the truth about your brain washing anyway.


Fair play, if chunkymark keeps this up this site will look more like a dedication to him lol, but for now I think that this vid is relevent to our ongoing oppression.

So we have to ask here, what are your thoughts on CCTV?

Granted that its caught many “real” criminals, but it is now widely used for more (dare I say) sinister things, now if chunkymark had dropped his kid off in front of a copper he would have been told that he can’t do that and don’t do it again right?

But now these days we have the short of cash fucking council who are needing extra revenue, so once again its the people who have to pay under the disguise of a crime, if I were chunkymark I would dispute this and teach the council that they can’t fuck around with people’s lives anymore, the people are angry, real angry, and it’s not going to get better any time soon, so how long have we got before some oppressed soul out there who cannot fully express themselves becomes violent, if I controlled the council I would be shiting my self right now, the people are rising and there is no room in their lives for petty greedy power-hungry bastards who lord it over us.

So be warned you elite fuckers, the worm is turning and its coming for you, I can’t say who or when but I can say with certainty that someone will do something somewhere one day, all born out of your search for power and greed, and in no way do I condone what may happen to you either, but I can see it and many others will see it to, you will of course try to turn it into something else to further your control on the masses, but we are wise to your little plans now, we know what you are like and we are ready for anything.

Your time has come stand down or help us to make this world into something better, after all you could have long ago, it serves no purpose keeping your fellow humans in the past, if we are all to be truly free in a modern highly advanced global civilisation you must either step aside or join us.

Over to you chunkymark,


This next fella from is growing on me and I shall be showing more of his vids as they come in, here “chunkymark” goes off on an epic rant about the fucking governments in-ability to represent the people of this country when they need it most, the vid contains some mild swearing from time to time and I cant blame him for it either, most of us are feeling this way now, I absolutely agree with everything he says here, we know it’s all fucked up these days and all this with todays brilliant news that interest rates have gone up to 5.2% and that’s just what they are telling us, talk about a kick in the bollocks when your already down.