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Archive for November 10, 2011

Us Against Us?

It is with the deepest of sorrow mixed with anger that I give you this short post today, I am struggling to go on with my reporting of certain events right now, because I can’t see anything changing unless good folk start to get their act together.

Look if the Police use violence against you without reason you have the right to defend your-selves and protect those around you, do not act unless you or others close to you have been struck with unreasonable force for no reason what so ever, the Police are meant to protect you not beat on you when they feel like, if they want you to do something within the law you are obliged to do what they want, so do it, if the Police want you to do something where no law covers it, you do not have to follow their instructions unless your actions are a causal factor for a breach of the law.

This next vid outlines a shocking scenario where peaceful protesters are attacked for no reason, but it’s not just the cops who are in the wrong here, it’s some good humans who stood by and did nothing, always film your protest and film those who may do you harm, always stay within the law, and remember violence begets violence, and violence is never something that I condone, if you are attacked take your case to the courts and see those who have attacked you behind bars.

Do nothing unless you are 100% certain that the law has been broken and you have proof of it that can be provided to the courts, the Police are not the law and they are not above it either.