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Archive for December 8, 2011


This post is needed for the sake of my own sanity.

Many of you have noticed that I have not been posting much lately, the reasons for that have been to many to fully explain here, but you do deserve something of an explanation.

World events have taken a grave turn for the worst, even I am surprised at the pace our respective governments escalation of their handlers agendas, we are currently witnessing global protests, censorship, greed, corruption, oppression, talk of war, poverty, division and many more, of course some of those were always here, but we now stand at a time in humanities history where we can finally end the suppression of our species rightful evolution.

Make no mistakes about it, this is war, it’s a real war with casualties being taken on all sides, luckily for us though the more good folk who are openly oppressed the better, this swells our ranks and we now question everything, to be honest with you if you don’t question everything you are a fucking lost cause who deserves everything they get.

It is now well-known that global civil unrest will blight humans for decades to come, the governments and police already know this and are preparing for it`s controll in ways that would shock you to the core, ask your self why humans are now doing this? stop hiding from it and start acting for your brothers and sisters, you are now a terrorist in the eyes of the PTB, turn that on its head where it belongs, THEY ARE THE FUCKING TERRORISTS not you or I.

As a human you must now take your equal place with humanity, you must realise that you are a caretaker of this planet with the power to protect it, this is your home dont fuck it up for the kids eh, all these years you have stood by with selfish needs and wants, never did you try to stop those who poison and kill for your fake economy, NEVER!! correct that part of you before its to late.

So there it is, I have been deeply disheartened by my fellow humans lack of drive, those of you who go back to sleep through all of this can stay the fuck asleep.