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Fair play, if chunkymark keeps this up this site will look more like a dedication to him lol, but for now I think that this vid is relevent to our ongoing oppression.

So we have to ask here, what are your thoughts on CCTV?

Granted that its caught many “real” criminals, but it is now widely used for more (dare I say) sinister things, now if chunkymark had dropped his kid off in front of a copper he would have been told that he can’t do that and don’t do it again right?

But now these days we have the short of cash fucking council who are needing extra revenue, so once again its the people who have to pay under the disguise of a crime, if I were chunkymark I would dispute this and teach the council that they can’t fuck around with people’s lives anymore, the people are angry, real angry, and it’s not going to get better any time soon, so how long have we got before some oppressed soul out there who cannot fully express themselves becomes violent, if I controlled the council I would be shiting my self right now, the people are rising and there is no room in their lives for petty greedy power-hungry bastards who lord it over us.

So be warned you elite fuckers, the worm is turning and its coming for you, I can’t say who or when but I can say with certainty that someone will do something somewhere one day, all born out of your search for power and greed, and in no way do I condone what may happen to you either, but I can see it and many others will see it to, you will of course try to turn it into something else to further your control on the masses, but we are wise to your little plans now, we know what you are like and we are ready for anything.

Your time has come stand down or help us to make this world into something better, after all you could have long ago, it serves no purpose keeping your fellow humans in the past, if we are all to be truly free in a modern highly advanced global civilisation you must either step aside or join us.

Over to you chunkymark,