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Priest says Hell is an invention of the church to control people with fear

Never thought I would see this day so soon, a priest denying hell and saying its all about control, how long have I been saying the same thing eh!

Despot Deals: UK openly selling arms to dictators

Ever get that feeling that you might just be on the wrong side? hell I don’t know if there are any sides any more, I see us killing all over the mid-east and wonder if its our actions that perpetuate it all, and we arm dictators to, sheesh what a fucking country I live in.

And NO, let me stop you right there, I am not a muslim or a christian, my brothers and sisters come in a range of colours all beautiful and all human, I stand with no government, I owe nothing to any country, and I owe nothing to the controllers that sell weapons to any one they wish for profit reasons only.

This in from RT


Rebellion in Tottenham 2011

In my last visit to this subject (maybe) I present you with the real story from reel news & the folks who were on those streets at the time of the riots, a hard-hitting wake up call for many.