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The truth about the london riots

Ok then here we have it, a look into the truth about the London riots from one of the best vid makers out there The Light.

Footage from the BBC, Sky, IPCC, Cameron and more, so if the government is looking for another scape goat it had better look at MSM and its self first, you are the only ones that can decide the truth, look at this for what it is.

My continuing research into possible causal effects brought these vids to my attention, and it is my hope that an understanding may soon be found, but some-how I don’t think the government are going to like it.

AND DONT RIOT, it’s not helping anyone, don’t let the actions of the few tarnish our reputation.


Part 2


2 responses

  1. The ‘London riots’ have been waiting to happen for a long time now…it wasn’t the shooting of Mark Duggan that caused them but the beating of a 15/16 yr old girl by the police at the small peaceful protest about Duggan outside a police station.
    Voices of the people are not heard… the PTB are happy to railroad anyone to gain their ends, the police are worse than the ‘feral youths’ who supposedly did the rioting. What do the mass of the population know of the repression on the city streets, what do they know about stop and search as applied to the ‘underclasses’ (apologies here , I do not mean exclusively black), it is time that the police were brought under control, there is a dangerous dogs act the same should be applied to the police (the governments dogs)

    It is only a mastter of time and a new spark from the police will ignite the fire again, there isno sign of the opposite tactic being used, there is no sign that the government will help people into work etc, the only sign the people see is the government helping their rich friends to get richer and then benefitting themselves from the favours they have done.
    Darkus Howe is right in not being shocked, why is ANYONE shocked!
    It is time the people woke up and realised that the disadvantaged in our society are not reserved to the ‘feral youths’ foir most of us live close to or below the poverty line, wiuthout significant redress of the imbalance of wealth we can only expect more such troubles to happen and the police to be given more and greater powers to ignore the rights of the people and repress us until ….well take a guess, and then I suppose the EU security forces will descend on us and ‘adjust the population levels’ until we are silenced by fear for our very lives…

    August 28, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    • Yep your right buddy, I saw it as the beating that started it to, but I suppose if there were no shooting there would be no beating, hell what am I saying, of course there would have been a beating, it would have just been someone else some-ware else, and I also know what you mean about fear, us bloggers will be next to be rounded up for saying something the PTB dont like, but us bloggers will give them a case they will remember, we wont bow down to them over our demonised words. Their fear is radicalisation of the UK population, little do they know but it is them (government) that will be ones who do the radicalizing, or maybe they already know that and want that. (pause for thought)

      August 28, 2011 at 9:07 pm

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