Saying NO to the governments systems of control and spreading TRUTH about our status quo Ξ√ΩLUT↑☼N anyone??

Still consenting to the loss of our liberty?

UK Government Decontamination Service

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So with the MP`s new laws and powers closing in on us at a frightening rate, I have a few questions for you.

Why was it that it took a riot for you to consent into some of the most oppressive loss of liberty this country has ever seen, and why is it you don’t seem that bothered when everyone else around you loots your country?

Perhaps your one of the looters eh?

Highest estimated cost of riots: £100m

Tax avoidance by Vodafone: £6 billion

Tax spent on Libyan intervention: £1 billion

Tax avoidance in 2010 by richest people in the UK: £7 bllion

Tax payers bill for banking crisis: 131 billion

Tax money spent in Iraqi conflict: 4.5 billion

Tax money spent on Afghan conflict (up until 2007): £7 billion

Total MP expenses bill (2007) £87.6m, here are just a few,

Claim: It is claimed the junior minister had a £450 widescreen television delivered to his family home in Wales and then claimed it on his allowance for his second home in London.

Claim: Veteran Labour MP Sir Gerald Kaufman is alleged to have claimed £1,851 for a rug imported from a New York antique centre and tried to claim more than £8,000 for a television.

Claim: Submitted claims for more than £2,000 to clear a moat around his Lincolnshire estate.

Claim: Claimed £30,000 in gardening expenses, including £1645 for a “duck island” in his pond.

Claim: Did not pay capital gains tax after making a profit of £600,000 from a house funded by the taxpayer. Lodged claims under second home allowance for his six-bedroom country house, complete with swimming pool and extensive grounds. He was reimbursed to the tune of £17,000 for servants’ quarters.

Claim: Expenses submitted by the Grimsby MP included 67p for Ginger Crinkle biscuits and 68p for Branston pickle.

Claim: The MP for Stockton-on-Tees claimed for a £5 donation that he made at a church service to commemorate the Battle of Britain.

Claim: The MP was reimbursed for a 59p box of matches, and two boxes of firelighters worth 99p each.

Claim: The deputy speaker claimed £142,119 in second homes allowances since 2001, despite having no mortgage on the property.

Claim: The MP claimed nearly £13,000 for a mortgage he had already cleared. Between September 2005 and August 2006, the Labour back bencher claimed£1,175 a month in interest on his Westminster flat. However, Land Registry records show the mortgage was paid off in January 2004.

Claim: The former environment minister claimed £16,000 in mortgage interest payments on his home in his S#horpe constituency even though the mortgage had ended 18 months before.

Claim: The former Tory chief whip claimed £20,000 for renovations on his farmhouse under the second home allowance. However, he avoided paying thousands in capital gains tax by declaring to Revenue and Customs that it was his main home when selling it for £750,000.

Claim: Claimed at least £180,000 in expenses by designating an empty flat, and previously an allegedly non-existent property as her main residence.

“Tony Blair’s expenses were shredded ‘by mistake’ when they were the subject of a legal bid to have them published.”

MP thieves is free and hosted here without the need for you to download, just wait for it to open and load, take your time with it and don’t get angry, we don’t want to lose anymore freedoms do we, and have fun with the corporate sponsors of these leaches.

BUT DONT FUCKING RIOT, expose them for who and what they are.


So what do you think?

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