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Riot part 2

Image by interrobang via Flickr

In light of last nights riot I feel the need to point out a little something the MSM dare not speak.

Currently we are seeing mass civil unrest and rioting on a GLOBAL scale most of it un-reported, some of which are connected and some of which that appear un-connected, am I the only one who realises that ALL are deeply connected regardless of the “spark” that sets them ablaze.

So what is the connection?

The connection stems from the global tyranny that has infected humanity since the corporate political take over of every country on the face of this planet, the power and wealth hungry elites have been caught in their human engineering exploits to convert each and every one of us into willing slaves here to perpetuate their life-style, all under the false heading of us improving our-selves, they have been caught lying, they have been caught stealing, they have been caught manipulating media to feed us with propaganda, always IN THE NATIONS INTEREST, isn’t it up to the UK population to decide whats good for the country, and not just a few hundred at the top who are just in it to protect their own interests.

We already know that we don’t live in a democracy, if you think that we do just wiki the word and see all the differing types of it, so why the hell are we all about promoting something we are not, by definition we are living in a monarchy not a democracy you can’t have them both.

Now about those riots, the whole nation is un-happy with the way things have been run by all governments not just this current one, and in this age of information sharing we can now get the facts instantly before the government lap-dogs get to butter things up towards the governments way (as seen on the BBC), and what has this done eh? it has shocked the nation simple as that, the truth hurts and we are hurting, and the governments know that their solutions will hurt even more, don’t try to kid your self into thinking that none of this was planned either, I refer you to my last post to figure that one out.

Humans are ready to rebel over the slightest thing these days, just give them that “spark” and watch as our nation re-configures its-self.


2 responses

  1. Anon

    I’ve read that riots were breaking out in Enfield and Brixton too which supports your claim that it is more to do with mass civil unrest. The BBC mentioned that when they questioned youths the majority of them hadn’t even heard of Mark Duggan – whom the police shot dead, and state as the catalyst for the ensuing riot.

    The police are saying that Mark Duggan opened fire on an officer first, however The Guardian reports that initial ballistics tests on this bullet, the one lodged in the officers police radio, is actually a police issued bullet and could not have been fired by a civilian.

    Whilst Duggan was carrying a handgun, which I do not condone or support, it was found inside a sock and not ready for use. I’m not a fan of MSM but if what the Guardian claims is true then I appreciate them reporting this interesting fact.

    You can read the article at:

    August 8, 2011 at 12:30 am

    • True, when looking at the MSM real truths can sometimes be there, its an art form to recognise them though, at the moment its all about riots, looting and a shooting, but whats all of this going to lead up to I wonder, more of our freedoms removed via our own consent no doubt.

      August 8, 2011 at 8:48 am

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