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Anonymous hacks the Sun

Bless them all, you have got to love these guys, this from anonymous.

E-coli Sprayed On UK Population===✈

So the government can be trusted eh! for all those government loving idiots who live blindly to what really goes on, watch this vid, THIS IS YOUR GOVERNMENT.

My thought sometimes bring me to a place for the want of giving up on my fellow humans, are we so fucking brain washed by these evil fuckers that we cannot see what they have done to us all, can we not see that they continue to do this and much worse to us, ah fuck it, go back to your TV Eastenders is on soon.



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Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you see that word above? (Marijuana) I will happily lay a bet that you think of hippies, pot heads or druggies, but that’s ok, you have been programmed to think like that, you were not able to gather your own information about it so you took the instantly trustable side of the government, they told you that it’s against the law for a reason but failed to let you know or prove what that reason was, but hey that’s ok to, they are the government after all, maybe they know something we don’t and so we must embrace their guiding hand for our own good.

Or maybe they are just looking out for the interests of their corporate friends that only exist to part your cash from you, for those who don’t like to hear these sorts of things, I suggest that you research into these subjects your-self, for those of you who have an opinion, whats your take on this?

Are you getting this yet?

Is it sinking in?

Do you realise that you have been lied to?

UPDATE !!! The vid was taken down so try here

Murdoch Shaped British politics for 40 Years

More on Murdoch here and it will come as a surprise for most of the sheeple, ah well it all adds up to your wake up I suppose.

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