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Archive for July 16, 2011

Hey boring people!!


Its called FUN try it someday, no in fact try it EVERYDAY!!

Be sure to film it though, you know what the police are like, far from honest.

The Murdoch truth.

Hmm this if true is of no suprise to me at all, so if it is true we need to ask why they are taking him down now.

Perhaps this is the Jew World Order, dont even think about getting all shity over that comment, I read it, used it, and chuckled over it, its a pun get over it.

Humanity’s Brave New World

How bad do things have to get before YOU stand up for your-self, how much more do you want them to throw at you for your own good lol, YOU are the problem if you do nothing but sit there and take it, because while you are sitting there your children are watching and learning how to become slaves, you think it is normal and just the way things are eh, do you?