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This is YOU, I can hear the jaws dropping from here lol.

Oh and for those thinking that this vid is just America, have a good look at our situation.


Most powerful company! …you never heard of!

Hmmm can’t say I am to happy about this, time to dig deeper on these greedy controlling bastards.



The motto appears on a scroll beneath the shie...

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Could not work out if this next vid is an American over here in the UK, or an American in America, nevermind location is un-important, the message is profound and relevant to all who have not yet awoken to some harsh truths, I feel for this man and many of you reading this and watching the vid will realise that he is in fact YOU.

So did you suspect something very wrong with the world, did you not know how deep it all goes? our very waking lives are spent in a slavery without visible fences.

No one likes being made a fool of do they, trouble is though they the PTB have been making fools of us all for generations, and we are at the point that we think it’s all normal, and its the way things are supposed to be, it’s always been this way right?


Oh fuck!!

Chronicles of the FreeMan

Right back to it, for all those new to this subject and to those who are not its a great reminder of why we do what we do, pay attention now, its everything to do with YOU.

Call us what you will, benefit scroungers, tax dodgers yada yada, at the end of the day it is you who have been lied to, and its you who perpetuate that lie, or maybe you like governments stealing from you, takes all sorts I suppose, but apart from that educate your-selves and the truth will reveal its self for you, it’s all there right in front of you, you came from the earth and will return to her, the key to immortality is not in your body living forever, its in the way you led your life for the benefit of humanity, you did not think we do this for selfish reasons did you??



And if you think he is talking bollocks, and this is wrong, watch this next one and read em and weep.

Success with the Taxman