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Pure Gold & Priceless

Dom talks law with the police

Oh boy, this fella had me smiling from ear to ear, it’s the first I have heard from Dom and hell he`s good, he has confidence and works in a peaceful manner, but just look at the results eh! look at the faces on the coppers he talks to, talk about the penny dropping this is priceless and pur gold so spread far and wide, and always question authority, the second vid has a few slight sound problems but its well worth sitting through for some gobsmaking gems, vid three is oh so good and makes me feel glad that I am part of this movement.


Dom Talks to Uniforms


Fun in london with the anti terrorist police and Dom


One response

  1. I must say that I was gobsmacked at how open and friendly the nice constables in the first two vids were. These are the guys we want policing our streets! *hugs*

    The last vid is hilarious. Doesn’t that mean that the constable is in breach of his own oath if he doesn’t even know what The Law is to uphold? They really are digging deep now citing anti-terrorism to establish the identities of law abiding people just asking a policeman questions about the Law. Glad it ended happily. Doesn’t always end that way.

    This gives me hope that the plod are ‘getting it’ now.

    Well done Dom. Hope to see you around.

    July 6, 2011 at 6:00 pm

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