Saying NO to the governments systems of control and spreading TRUTH about our status quo Ξ√ΩLUT↑☼N anyone??

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Looking into this we see that it’s not just muslims they want to silence, its everyone who would dare speak out against the guberment and its tyranny, its as simple as that, maybe this site will get closed down to, I guess we will have to wait and see, but in silencing groups and sites such as this one are they not risking something more dare I say “direct” ?
The British government will instruct doctors to identify patients at risk of being drawn into violent extremism as part of its strategy for combating terrorism.

Home Secretary, Theresa May is due to spell out the controversial move, which could threaten patient confidentiality, the dailyThe Independent reported.

The controversial “Prevent” strategy will also tighten the government and its spying apparatuses’ grip on the nation with adding medical professionals to other groups who are spying on ordinary people in a “police state.”

“So doctors will be spying on us and deciding if we have the potential to be a terrorist, and neighbours can spy on us, and teachers can spy on us, and work colleagues can spy on us,” says an ordinary British.

The strategy also includes guidelines to strongly tackle the spread of Islamic teachings all across societies, particularly in prisons, where many Muslims are holed up on accusations of preaching extremism, according to the report.

The conservative-led government has already launched attempts to crackdown on all Muslim groups in the British community to bring them in line with its so-called “British mainstream values.”

Britain, itself, has been accused of abusing human rights by the UN Human Rights Council for bringing in three striking laws against online free speech.

Based on the laws adopted by Britain, France and New Zealand one can be booted off the Internet for repeated copyright infringement.

Frank La Rue, the UN special Rapporteur for human rights has said he is “deeply concerned” about proposals to create a centralised system for cutting people off from Internet access in those countries as a punishment for copyright infringement.

“Cutting off Internet access as a response to copyright infringement is disproportionate and thus a violation of article 19, paragraph 3, of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights,” he said.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister David Cameron has gone too far in labeling Muslims who follow the Sharia law, the basic rules of their faith, as extremists who need to be tackled.

Cameron had already announced his intention to abolish the term “state multiculturalism” altogether, meaning there should be two groups of people in the society.

“Those who are with us, we advocate and those who are not, they have no place in the community,” this belief is implied in the core of the British Prime Minister’s strategy.

The so-called “Prevent” strategy also implies that “all convicted terrorists will have their beliefs countered while in jail and other offenders who could have fallen foul of “preachers of hate” will be tracked after their release.”


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