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Admiralty Law, Common law and the sovereign

From the film Kymatica, and it’s certainly one to watch, the vid is mainly American but look closely it’s also here.

Listen to this fella, and once your done take a deep breath, once it hits you you wont go back, and its great to have you here with us.

2 responses

  1. Frank

    My wife got a speeding infringement (7km over the posted speed limit). No harm was done. What would you suggest as the best way to deal with this in acourt? Frank Western Australia.

    June 16, 2011 at 9:51 am

    • Great question Frank, you will find answers here buddy.
      First up is a set of vids explaining why you should do this, then the next set of vids on the Police and how to deal with them followed by going to court.


      Next watch this on going to court.

      June 16, 2011 at 11:48 am

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