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DLA Facts

Cuts mean segregation

Image by helen.2006 via Flickr

DLA Facts that the liars in government would rather you didn’t know are outlined in the link below, yet again we see a government saying we have a problem that they need to fix (cut), when the fact of the matter is the DLA system is actually under-performing, PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION remember those three words, the government “create a problem” making us think we need a fix this is the “reaction” part, finally its in with the “solution” that we all thought we needed, and most consent to it, simple really, and they use this method all the time.

“This week sees the end of the consultation period on the government’s proposed reform of Disability Living Allowance, which is intended to reduce working age DLA caseload and expenditure by 20 per cent over three years, starting in 2013. Campaigners have pointed to flaws in the consultation document, and in December the web-based disability campaign The Broken of Britain launched an online petition calling for the consultation paper to be withdrawn.”