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The Truth About Marijuana

Some will continue to think that governments know best, I prefer to do some work and see if they are right or wrong, why not watch these vids and do a little research into something that one day could save your life, or then again you could go ahead and ask our governments advice on this, in fact after researching this subject “please” go ahead and ask the gov, it will prove to you that they don’t give a shit about any of us.

Here are four vids to help get you started on your research, try to get that image of a “stoner” out of your head first, if this is true we need to remind ourselves how many of our family members have died while the governments knew this.

Marijuana the FACTS

Some Cannabis History (USA) but relevant for us.

Penn & Teller: Bullshit

TheAntiTerrorist on Government

AT gives us something more to think about here, call it a well-timed reminder eh.

‘thinking to protest’

Image by ruSSeLL hiGGs via Flickr

UPDATED 30/4/2011!!!

PressTV here with a disturbing way our status quo has gone.
British police have arrested activist Charlie Veitch from his home in Cambridge on suspicion of ‘conspiracy to cause a public nuisance’ at the royal wedding.

The activist was arrested Thursday in a pre-wedding raid, despite the fact that he had recently gone to police, on his own accord, to discuss how he is entirely non-aggressive and has no plans for disrupting the royal wedding.

The activist’s detention puts a big question mark before the claims that the UK is an advocate of democracy, freedom of expression and human rights.

Police arrested activist Charlie Veitch on charges of possibly conspiring to create a public nuisance. By nuisance, they mean speaking freely in a public space, which is what all human beings have the right to do.

The UK, if it was a democracy, has lost its credibility to be a democratic state. There have never taken place so many democratic activists’ arrests, anywhere in the world, not only on suspicion of thought-crime, speech-crime, or political assembly crime, but now on offences defined by the British police as pre-crime.

Veitch, who lives off Midsummer Common in Cambridge, had set up a group called the Love Police.

Silkie Carlo, 21, a second year student at Cambridge University studying politics and psychology, said  Veitch, her boyfriend, was arrested Thursday at 5pm.

She said the allegation is ‘conspiracy to cause public nuisance’ on Friday.

“He was arrested as part of a political victimization campaign”, she added.

“What he does is he is a filmmaker who uses a megaphone. He’s quite known for being harmless, peaceful and vocal”, said Silkie Carlo.

“One of the things we specialize in is hugging police. It is fun to film. They are friends rather than enemies so this is quite unprecedented”, added the activist’s partner.

“This is a free speech crime but worse than that, it’s a free speech pre-crime.”

“The royal wedding itself is a public nuisance. I don’t consider a democratic protest to be a public nuisance”, said Carlo.

She said 20 to 30 people gathered outside Parkside police station between 9.30pm and midnight yesterday adding there would be a similar protest today at 3pm.

Terri Oaks, who lives in Cambridge and attended the demonstration outside Parkside on Thursday night, said: “Cambridge residents are appalled that the government has so little respect for the right to protest, that they are arresting people across the country for even thinking about protesting at the royal wedding.

“The public is footing the £20 million bill for the wedding, but we are being denied the right to voice our opinions, just as the government has been suppressing our right to protest against the welfare cuts which are hitting the poorest the hardest”, added Oaks.

Its deeper Than That

We in our lives are governed by consent, everything that’s done to you since your birth is done for a financial reason ( and maybe more), we are slaves to the government and we let them do this to us because we think that its supposed to be this way, are we happy with this, here is a little vid re-visited to shed some light on our supposed freedom.

Plus it gets us away from the bloody royal wedding lol, don’t even think on getting me started about those leaches.


Finger binary

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The concept of “fingerism” is a rather recent arrival on the scene and is a purely Western creation. In the East where pointing at the moon originated, there is no concept even remotely like “fingerism”. Pointing at the moon is such an integral part of these cultures, that no distinction is made between the clearly spiritual aspect of pointing at the moon and the purely secular activity of pointing at various objects. Any gesture leaning one’s attention away from oneself is considered spiritual, even such mundane pointings as pointing out the nearest bathroom.

However in the late 18th century, as colonialism became well established in the East, westerners had enough leisure time and enough intellectual curiosity to begin to study the eastern habits of pointing at the moon. The term “fingerism” first appeared in an essay by I. M. Phalandgy entitled “On the Curious Custom of Pointing at the Moon”. In his essay Phalandgy noted that the moon pointing seemed to have a broader significance than pointing the way to the bathroom. People in the East would point at the moon in the same manner as they pointed to fruit in the market, or the way to the bathroom, even though they could not obtain the moon or even visit it. He coined the term “fingerism” to describe this seemingly pointless pointing.

In the intervening two centuries, we in the West have come to, at least, a basic understanding of what the finger pointing at the moon is about. Our studies of “fingerism” in the East have led to introducing both the word and the concept of “fingerism” into eastern vocabularies. This has been primarily due to our attempts to discuss “fingerism” with practicing “fingerists”. N. Dex in his pivotal work “FINGERISM & FINGERISTS” provides a wonderful glimpse of how interwoven the act of pointing is in eastern cultures. He relates that actually getting anyone to understand what he meant by “fingerism” usually took a week or more of intensive discussions. And at that time, in the middle of the last century, he relates that is was impossible to get across the concept of a “fingerist” because the concept of a “non-fingerist” was completely unknown and ununderstandable.

Today the concepts of “fingerism” and “fingerists” are well established both in the East and the West. In the West these concepts have fit right in with our long established concepts of “elbowism”, “BigToeism” and “Thumbism”. But the introduction of the concept of “fingerism” in the East has had the unfortunate side effect of subtly changing the way that the moon is pointed to – or perhaps the way the bathroom is pointed to. Whether the original way of pointing was the current moon-pointing way (and the bathroom-pointing way is new) or whether the original way of pointing was the current bathroom-pointing way (and the moon- pointing way is new) has become lost. Perhaps things were clearer when pointing was just pointing and the concept of pointing was not such a big deal.

Leigh Brasington
20 Jan ’96

Religion never changes

You won’t hear this on any mainstream news!!! (Nuclear Fallout)

Dont know how much of this is true, but reading the comments on YouTube it appears so far that no-one has any sort of explanation against what the vid says, looks like I have a hell of a lot of researching to do this week, in light of the Japanese government wishing to censor all non official information it could prove difficult, I guess if the vid gets removed we know why.

The American Dream

This next vid tells its story for an American audience, but if you replace the word “Fed” with the “Bank of England” is suddenly becomes something much more for us to consider and draw parallels with, as always I leave it up to you to fully research its facts or fictions.

The End of The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project

So its all over then?? Maybe, maybe not.


Due to recent events I am now at the stage where I can laugh at myself over being offended, please enjoy.

Nuclear Event UK

This is a Cold War era survey-meter (also know...

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Hmm I wonder why this never made the news, and people still believe that our government have our best interests at heart, I am running out of fucks to give.

There have been two spillages of radioactive waste and a breakdown in an emergency cooling system at Britain’s nuclear plants in the past three months, according to a report to ministers leaked to the Guardian. A brown puddle containing plutonium five times the legal safety limit leaked from an old ventilation duct at the Sellafield nuclear complex in Cumbria. This exposed “a number of shortfalls in the design”, says the report. Groundwater at the Torness nuclear power station near Edinburgh was contaminated with radioactive tritium (a form of hydrogen) leaking from two pipelines. At Hartlepool nuclear station on the north-east coast of England, the back-up cooling system was put out of action by a faulty valve. All three incidents occurred in February this year and are still under investigation by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR), the government’s newly created nuclear safety watchdog. They were sufficiently serious to be reported to ministers under safety guidelines agreed in the wake of the Chernobyl accident in Ukraine 25 years ago. Disclosure of the incidents could further delay the government’s plans for a new programme of nuclear power stations, already being held up by a safety review prompted by the Fukushima accident in Japan. Critics will press for the incidents to be included in the review, being led by the executive head of the ONR, Mike Weightman.

The Guardian has been provided with a copy of a report on the incidents sent to ministers on 18 April by Weightman. It was circulated to the energy secretary, Chris Huhne; the business secretary, Vince Cable; the environment secretary, Caroline Spelman; the employment minister, Chris Grayling; the Scottish secretary, Michael Moore; and the Scottish first minister, Alex Salmond. In a covering letter, Weightman says that a fourth incident involving contaminated ground at an unnamed nuclear site is still under investigation, and may be reported to ministers in the future. The criteria for reporting nuclear incidents, which takes place every three months, include leakages, breaches of safety limits and events where “safe operation may be significantly affected”. According to the ONR, the response to the incidents from the companies that run the three plants was “appropriate”. The plutonium spillage at Sellafield has been cleaned up, use of the leaking pipelines at Torness was suspended, and the faulty valve at Hartlepool was fixed. But the ONR is continuing to quiz the operators and monitor the plants, to try and make sure that similar mishaps do not occur again. A spokesman for the ONR told the Guardian that the report to ministers on the incidents is due to be posted online later today.

George Regan, the chair of the local government voice on nuclear issues, Nuclear Free Local Authorities, said that it was unusual for three incidents to be reported to ministers in one three-month period. There was only one incident in each quarter of 2010, three at Sellafield and one at Dungeness nuclear station in Kent. “With Fukushima very much in the public’s mind, we are particularly concerned to hear of a coolant incident at Hartlepool,” Regan said. “We will be urgently seeking clarification from the ONR on why these incidents occurred and whether they are of any relevance to the current safety review.”

You may want to bookmark this site >>>>>

Always about the Oil

President George W. Bush applauds former Prime...

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Yet again we see a conspiracy theory turned into fact, this article from Press TV highlights what we always thought about the invasion, but of course these days its done a little differently, these days we don’t even have to invade, we just de stabilise and move on in for the clean up and prize. ORDER OUT OF CHAOS fits in well here, it is un-known where governments end and oil companies begin but they will get what they want in the end, most humans are to fuck stupid to see it though.
Former UK government under Tony Blair had discussed with leading oil firms plans to exploit Iraqi oil reserves, long before the US-led invasion, newly disclosed documents show.

The documents, revealed for the first time, show that how British Petroleum (BP)’s concerns over losing lucrative contracts in Iraq were addressed by then Trade Minister, Baroness Symons, the daily Independent reported.

According to the papers, Baroness Symons had assured BP, five months before the 2003 invasion, that British energy firms would be given their shares of Iraq’s enormous oil and gas reserves as a reward for Tony Blair’s commitment to US plans for regime change in the country.
British oil giant, BP, had voiced concerns that then US government under George W. Bush was quietly striking deals with US, French, and Russian energy firms, the papers say.

Accordingly, Lady Symons agreed to lobby the Bush government on BP’s behalf, as registered by the minutes of a series of meetings between ministers and senior oil executives.
“Baroness Symons agreed that it would be difficult to justify British companies losing out in Iraq in that way if the UK had itself been a conspicuous supporter of the US government throughout the crisis”, read minutes of a meeting with BP, Shell and BG (formerly British Gas) on 31 October 2002.

The minister then promised to “report back to the companies before Christmas” on her lobbying efforts.
Meanwhile, the Foreign Office invited BP in on 6 November 2002 to talk about opportunities in Iraq “post regime change”.
“Iraq is the big oil prospect. BP is desperate to get in there and anxious that political deals should not deny them the opportunity”, it’s minutes state.

After another meeting, this one in October 2002, the Foreign Office’s Middle East director at the time, Edward Chaplin, noted: “Shell and BP could not afford not to have a stake in [Iraq] for the sake of their long-term future… We were determined to get a fair slice of the action for UK companies in a post-Saddam Iraq.”
These highly critical documents were not offered to as evidence in the ongoing Chilcot Inquiry into the UK’s involvement in the Iraq war.

This is while that, in March 2003, just before the US and UK invaded Iran, another giant oil company Shell lashed out at reports that it had discussed with Downing Street the Iraqi oil issue, denouncing the reports as highly inaccurate.
Meanwhile, BP claimed at the time that it had no strategic interests in Iraq, while Tony Blair described the oil conspiracy theory as the most absurd.
Whereas BP was insisting in public that it had “no strategic interest” in Iraq, in private it told the Foreign Office that Iraq was “more important than anything we’ve seen for a long time”.

The giant oil company told the government it was willing to take “big risks” to get a share of the Iraqi reserves, the second largest in the world.
Blair had only succeeded to force his divided cabinet to vote for Iraq invasion after he claimed that executed dictator Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, a claim that never materialized after the invasion of the country.

Over 1,000 documents were obtained under Freedom of Information over five years by the oil campaigner Greg Muttitt. They reveal that at least five meetings were held between civil servants, ministers and BP and Shell in late 2002.
The 20-year contracts signed in the wake of the invasion were the largest in the history of the oil industry. They covered half of Iraq’s reserves – 60 billion barrels of oil, bought up by companies such as BP and CNPC (China National Petroleum Company), whose joint consortium alone stands to make £403m ($658m) profit per year from the Rumaila field in southern Iraq.

“Before the war, the government went to great lengths to insist it had no interest in Iraq’s oil. These documents provide the evidence that give the lie to those claims”, said Muttitt, whose book Fuel on Fire is published next week.

“We see that oil was in fact one of the government’s most important strategic considerations, and it secretly colluded with oil companies to give them access to that huge prize.”

Free renewable energy

Prospect Park Earth Battery

Image by mzdoherty via Flickr

Whole thing taken from somewhere else, I can’t remember where but credit goes to the author anyway.

Recently NASA has been warning us of a catastrophic event that will occur within the next 2 years. National power grids could overheat and air travel severely disrupted while electronic items, navigation devices and major satellites could stop working after the Sun reaches its maximum power in a few years.

Senior space agency scientists believe the Earth will be hit with unprecedented levels of magnetic energy from solar flares after the Sun wakes “from a deep slumber” sometime around 2013. Such a storm occurred in 1859.

Shortly after the Sun reached solar maximum in 1859, the Sun experienced a significant increase in sun spot activity as well as a sequence of intense solar flares. The largest solar flare on record during the maximum was then observed by British astronomer Richard Carrington. The result of the flare was a coronal mass ejection that sent charged particles streaming toward Earth, reaching the atmosphere only 18 hours after the ejection. This is startlingly quick given that the trip normally takes several days.

Once the particles reach the Earth they caused a series of phenomena to occur, the likes of which the Earth has not experienced since. First of all, charged particles are usually captured by the Earth’s magnetic field, and primarily get funneled to the poles. There, they interact with the Earth’s atmosphere creating brilliant colors known as aurora.

In this case, however, the flux of particles was so high that the magnetic field could not shield the Earth from them all. So instead of aurora only being created near the poles, they came into existence throughout the Earth. Reports of aurora were common over the Caribbean, as well as the central United States. At one point the glow in the Rocky Mountains was such that it awoke the sleeping miners, causing them to begin getting prepared for the day, believing that it was in fact dawn.

Another, and perhaps more significant, problem was that the charged particle flux began to wreak havoc on electronic systems. Specifically, failure of telegraph systems world-wide were reported.

A recent report commissioned by the office of the President showed that in fact such a storm would not only cause problems for electronic devices, but could potentially bring down the entire power grid. And not just here, but around the world. The kind of damage that would be caused could take months to repair.

In response to the report, scientists from around the world have been working to make our power grid more robust, and are seeking to find ways to protect our satellite systems. Also, development of other technologies could help protect electronic devices that we use every day. However, time appears to be quickly running out so what can you and I do to prepare for such a day? I am sure not everyone will be taken care of in the event of a global event like this – the United States government failed miserably to respond to the people’s needs during Hurricane Katrina and many died. We all know what happens when a power blackout occurs within a major metropolitan area. Imagine every metropolitan area around the World going dark all at once. I don’t know about you, but I think I will have a better chance of survival if I started to prepare an alternate source of energy to get me through this predicted event.

Could you imagine? No electricity for months? No phones, no computers, no internet? According to NASA that is the possibility that we are facing. However, this would take a massive storm like the one in 1859 to even approach such cataclysmic events, but it is something that we need to be aware of.

Although it is possible to live life without electricity, the fact is that we rely on electrical energy to survive. Electricity powers our lights, our home heating devices, our water pumps, our phones, our radios, our TV, our streetcars, … get the picture? Yes electricity is essential to our survival. But we need not rely on our government and for profit public utility companies to provide the electricity we need. Almost everywhere you go, you will find surplus raw materials, machinery, and technology. It is entirely possible to create free energy from literally scrap and junk. The simplest electrical energy producing apparatus is the earth battery. The earth battery is free energy. The earth battery is renewable energy with zero emissions.

Earth batteries were used extensively around the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century to power telegraph lines. They were buried in convenient locations along the power lines and supplied free current for that infrastructure. The technology was discarded and replaced with hydroelectric because hydro was a measurable, finite resource that industry could use to make money. Much like oil.

The earth battery bears a resemblance to the common chemical/acid battery you may be familiar with, if you’ve ever torn apart a battery or done science experiments. Basically, the battery consists of two metal sheets or rods: one copper or carbon, and the other zinc or aluminum (galvanized steel is a zinc surface), each with wires running from them. These are negative – and positive + terminals of the battery. Once these metals are buried in soil (at a distance of 1-10 feet), you will have measurable current between your terminals. The key to a good earth battery is the moisture content of the soil – wet and acidic . Always bury your metal rods or sheets in wet acidic soil.

The average single earth battery produces about .8 volts. Some say that to obtain the best current, the rods/sheets should be positioned in a North (copper) to South (zinc) alignment, but it actually doesn’t matter. There are a few ways to increase your available current with an earth battery setup:

1. Size and number – this is basically the ‘more is better’ principle – you vary the size of your rods/sheets, and how many of them you decide to bury in series. Using a larger surface of metal, and planting several of them in series, will deliver more telluric current.

2. Efficiency – passing your current through a circuit and capacitor can improve the output and reliability of your voltage. A great example that is easy to set up is called the ‘joule thief’. This takes your direct current and oscillates it so that it actually delivers more usable energy than is actually available in the form of a direct stream.

3. Magnification – Current can be amplified by a number of salvaged devices and standalone equipment such as the common store-bought 12v-110v power inverters used with car batteries and solar panels.

With some basic ingenuity, you should be able to pull together a portable kit that you can plant in any moist soil, and which can supply you with free energy for lighting, small devices, or perhaps a recharge station. If you developed this technology, you could very easily power a small community for free with a very small investment in simple resources (metals, wire, etc). There are people powering entire buildings using earth batteries in the same way that solar panels are used. The difference is, they keep their mouths shut. The Powers That Be don’t like this technology, because they can’t make money from it.

The Magna Carta is being contravened

Magna Carta from 1297

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A little disturbing gem in from the and some fuck ups still think that we are free lol.
The Magna Carta is being contravened by the new breed of gagging orders, claims Lib Dem MP John Hemming.

An MP who is launching an inquiry into excessive and possibly unlawful court secrecy says a new type of gagging order is hampering the work of investigative journalists.

John Hemming said the new breed of injunction, which was used in relation to a case in the high court in London last week, meant journalists could face jail simply for asking questions.

“This goes a step further than preventing people speaking out against injustice,” said Hemming, the Liberal Democrat MP for Birmingham Yardley and a longtime campaigner against secrecy. “It has the effect of preventing journalists from speaking to people subject to this injunction without a risk of the journalist going to jail. That is a recipe for hiding miscarriages of justice.”

Hemming has labelled the new gagging order the “quaero injunction” after the Latin word “to seek”.

“It puts any investigative journalist at risk if they ask any questions of a victim of a potential miscarriage of justice … I don’t think this should be allowed in English courts.”

There has been growing concern over the use of gagging orders in UK courts. It is not known precisely how many superinjunctions have been issued, but an informed legal estimate is that as many as 20 have been granted in the UK over the last 18 months.

In the most notorious case, the oil trader Trafigura last year briefly obtained a superinjunction against the Guardian to suppress a leaked report on its toxic waste dumping, which even prevented reporting proceedings in parliament.

Earlier this month, Hemming highlighted a new type of hyperinjunction which forbids the recipient talking to their MP.

He says he is now launching an inquiry in parliament into excess court secrecy and is planning to collect a range of gagging orders that he will then analyse and present to the justice select committee in a number of “parliamentary petitions” later this year.

“What is clear is that almost all of the superinjunctions and hyperinjunctions have no public judgment,” Hemming said. “That means that they are not compliant with the rules for a fair trial. There is also the question as to whether there should be an automatic time limit on an interim order. Many cases have an interim order and no final hearing. This is clearly wrong.

“We also need to know what the costs are both for the applicant and for the media in defending these orders. It is wrong to have a system whereby people can buy the sort of justice they want. That is a contravention of clause 29 of Magna Carta 1297, which is still in force.”

Hemming is asking anyone who is subject to a gagging injunction that they would like to be included in the review to forward the information to him at the House of Commons.

The Cult of Celebrity (via nominedeus)

warning about stupidity

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A great post here from someone who knows, the awake and aware are looking into everything in society that we once took for granted, you would be surprised at the things they use for your control, but when you start to connect the dots it all makes sense and you will never see the world quite like you used to.

What is wrong with this world? We here on the blogosphere often ask this question and our answers are often well thought out and more than likely aimed at governments and the NWO, we only passingly and mostly scathingly refer to the sheeple and their stupidity. The following video is a seriously hard hitting set of images that  juxtaposes the worlds extremes, I have no qualms in saying that it induced nightmares in me from watching it late last n … Read More

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