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‘No tax rise in 2011 UK budget’

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And now for some attempted softening up of the public from our good friend George (bilderberg) Osbourne, so no more tax rises this budget eh, really? has anyone even thought to consider that the thieving bastards have already announced tax rises for this year, just because he may not be saying it next Wednesday means nothing because it’s already been said, don’t fool yourselves into thinking these thieves are doing anybody any favors, they don’t do favors.
UK Chancellor George Osborne says no tax rises or extra spending cuts will be included in the coalition government’s budget for 2011.

In an interview with state-run BBC, Osborne claimed there would be no further bad news for the British public in the new budget, which will be unveiled next Wednesday.

“Having undertaken a rescue mission I don’t have to come back and ask for more this year,” Osborne said.

“I won’t be asking for more tax increases or spending cuts. We did that in last year’s budget and that allows us in this year’s budget to look at policies which can create jobs in the future,” he said.

The Chancellor is expected to scrap the proposed rise in fuel duty, in a bid to help calm public anger at the cost of living.

“We’ve taken Britain out of the fiscal danger zone. That’s reflected in the interest rates that families in Britain pay,” he said.

“Now we have to move from rescue to recovery and reform,” added Osborne.
Any move to scrap the planned rise in fuel duty would avoid another 5p each liter, and help counter the spiraling cost of filling up the tank