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A Step Too Far – The 2011 Census Rebellion (via informedminds)

A great read well worth your time folks.

A Step Too Far - The 2011 Census Rebellion I find this absolutely wonderful… At every turn now I'm seeing a whole host of people from every class, creed, religion, ideology AND politic persuasions across the entire spectrum, but all with a  consensus that is damn near universal. So many ideas, so many views, all telling the corporate State, this intrusion a step too far and answer it with a resounding – I'm telling you jack diddly squat, mate! But I have noticed a distinct lack of suppo … Read More

via informedminds


Japanese Nuclear Fallout in Jetstream and the ill winds predicted by Webbots

If your new to the webbots stuff I suggest you listen to TNS radio TONIGHT at 9pm UK time >>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

If you’re not new to it Cliff got it right yet again, read em and weep, the global economic implications of this are absolutely huge, watch the vid and listen to Cliff High for your self, this cannot be ignored.