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Todays Lib Dem protests Sheffield, March 2011 (vids)

Not a bad turn out I suppose, but do you think that they were heard??

Police plan for conference protest

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PressTV reporting more news that our own laim stream media ever does, it seems odd that I have to go to Iran to get news about our own country, somethings got to change, its more than just governments.
South Yorkshire Police predicted that over 10,000 protesters would descend on Sheffield during the Liberal Democrat spring conference.

An 8 feet ring of steel has been erected around the City Hall location. Police force has announced they spent £2 million on the fence to protect the deputy PM from would be angry protesters.
Over 1,000 police officers are planned to be on duty in Sheffield on the weekend, to prohibit the protesters from some especial areas.
Thousands of students, trade unionists and different other groups are expected to march in the city in order to express their anti-Government complains.

It is claimed that the 24-hour security operation of the three-day conference would be South Yorkshire police’s biggest operation since 2005 G8 meeting.

The protest will start from Devonshire Green at 1100 GMT on Saturday.

Police force announced that they are investigating for a report containing a threat to kidnap the Lib Dem leader in the three-day conference. “The force is aware of the article, we are investigating its content and are looking to establish the validity of the story.”
Sheffield City Council’s Lib Dem leader, Paul Scriven, said: “I wish some of the threats that have been made hadn’t been made so we didn’t have to have such a high-profile fence for security. But, even with the cost of that, in one weekend alone we’ll be having £2.5m spent in the economy. In the long run it will be good for Sheffield – Sheffield jobs and Sheffield businesses.”

National secretary of Right to Work Chris Bambery, said: “We will be laying siege to the Lib Dem conference on Saturday. We will be driving home the message that working people cannot, and will not, accept these ConDem attacks on our services, jobs and standards of living.”

“If they can topple a dictator in Egypt, we can topple this ConDem government,” he added.

Nick Clegg earlier told the Yorkshire Post: “I’m a very big supporter of peaceful demonstrations – if people want to do that in Sheffield I welcome that. But if people want to go over the top, I don’t think that’s right, and I don’t think that would be speaking for the vast majority of law-abiding people in Sheffield.”