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Archive for March 11, 2011

Into The Fire – Official Trailer

Cant wait for this one to come out, but in the mean time for all those good people who will be attending the protests this month, dont fool yourselves into thinking that the contents of this vid are not relevent to you and this country THEY ARE, rise above every little tactic they throw at you, look for the undercover police among you, if you find them simply make everyone aware of what they are ie blow their cover, but leave them be, ignore that police vehicle conveniently parked to distract your attention, cover your face, they will be taking photos to add you to their database, have fun, do-not FEAR them, make yourself heard, do-not make yourself a target.

British food retailers ripping pubic off

Glad I use the internets for my news, if I didnt this little gem would have escaped me, thanks PressTV

British food retailers seem to be taking advantage of rising prices worldwide as they are increasing their prices three times faster than retailers in other European countries.

Official data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development shows Britain’s food inflation was 6.3 percent in January, compared with the average 1.5 percent in the Eurozone.
Food prices rose in Ireland, which shares several of its suppliers with Britain by 0.3 percent, while the rate was 1.6 percent for Italy and 2.8 percent for Germany.

Even countries outside the Eurozone experienced price increases well below that of Britain, with Australia registering a 2.5 percent rise despite the floods that destroyed a great portion of the country’s crops.
The OECD figures question the performance of supermarkets in Britain as they suggest they are increasing the prices of necessary foodsf like meat, dairy and wheat products faster than the global food inflation.

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