Saying NO to the governments systems of control and spreading TRUTH about our status quo Ξ√ΩLUT↑☼N anyone??

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The world’s population are slowly but steadily waking up to their governments false rule, for hundreds of years the people have been abused by our supposed leaders, all in the name of democracy, the trouble is right now, people are realizing that democracy is more of a soundbite than a way of life for nations. Looking deep into your governed life you can easily see that your liberties have been chipped away from you over time, what remains is a former weakened self unfit to act and fearful of the elites in power.

Many don’t even realize that they are unique as individuals, all their lives are spent in the pursuit of money because they thought that it’s just the way it is meant to be, never did they think where the cash was going, here in the UK you are Taxed at every turn, whats that? you don’t believe me! Try spending ten quid, divide your ten into pound coins then off you go spend them one pound at a time, while you are doing this try to work out how much tax you have payed per pound, always remember that your ten was taxed before you even got it, at the end of this little trial you will be pleased to see what the government got from your money, but hold on a min, it is YOU that did all the work for that cash, you don’t mind paying your bit, but what are they spending it on?? YOU don’t even use most of their services, unfair perhaps??.

CCTV everywhere you bloody look, why?? it’s there to catch criminals, but I thought the Police were meant to do that, and is there really that many criminals on the loose?? The trust has gone has it not.

Everyday life in this country is getting harder and harder for the people at the bottom, and even for those in the middle, but the elites at the top seem to be getting richer all on our money, did you realy think that you were born to work that dead end job that makes you so unhappy, did you realy think that you were born to work for anyone but YOURSELF?? this government will fall just like the rest of them will, the false economies of the world are running out of cash, boo hoo, watch this and dream.



So what do you think?

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