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Thought I would add this one because it conveys a message of TRUTH, and we all like a bit of truth now dont we.

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This in from PressTV

Scotland Yard appears to be planning a major crackdown on students during an upcoming wave of protests as its counter-terrorism command has asked universities for related intelligence.

The force’s counter-terrorism unit has contacted universities in London, demanding their cooperation before student leaders go ahead with their pledge to organize occupations and demonstrations targeting town halls and civic buildings.

An officer for the command’s Prevent Programme charged with coping with extremism sent an email to universities saying the Met expects a “renewed vigor” in protests against government’s spending cuts which could target finance departments.

“I would be grateful if in your capacity at your various colleges that should you pick up any relevant information that would be helpful to all of us to anticipate possible demonstrations or occupations, please forward it onto me,” the email read.

According to a statement by the Met, the email sent to more than 20 higher education centers in London, including King’s and Imperial College, “advises contacts to consider contingency planning to minimize disruption to colleges, and for information that could help anticipate and address possible occupations.”

The statement claimed the officer has not acted in his capacity as a member of the Counter Terrorism Command when sending the advice to the universities.

Student leaders have promised major action plans for the end of January, which could equal in their scale to the massive anti tuition fee rallies in London and elsewhere last year which saw more than 50 universities’ buildings occupied by students.

Co-founder of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts Michael Chessum, who was involved in calling last year’s protests, said they are “determined to keep the pressure on the government.”

Chessum also said a number of major trade unions, including Unite and the GMB, have thrown their weight behind the planned rallies in Manchester and London at the end of this month adding, “we are again expecting tens of thousands of people.”

Activists are also planning an “education strike” in London three days before the coordinated action in Manchester and London on January 29.

Slaves Of The World Unite

This next vid highlights an important message, with hope it will convey to those of violence that sometimes violence is not the answer, I try to remember what brought me to these subjects, love for my fellow humans was top of the list and still is, knowing how much governments do-not listen to peaceful protesters can bring frustration and the want to react, how can we control ourselves if they wont listen??

When normal humans react with violence against governments we can rest assured that they were pushed beyond limits, they brought this to us, how dare they expose our anger, peaceful humans throwing rocks because no-one listened, non-violent protests turning violent because of the police in order to disperse you, not only do the government not listen to us they also don’t want us to speak in the first place, what are they afraid of, does the TRUTH HURT??

In a battle to protect the ELITES way of life they forgot who employes them all, to the government here in the UK, always remember that its over 62 million of us and 640 of them.

The Disclosure!

A bit of fun here to start your week of working for the banks and governments.