Saying NO to the governments systems of control and spreading TRUTH about our status quo Ξ√ΩLUT↑☼N anyone??

Another Anonymous Declaration of Freedom

Great to see the real humans of this mad world starting to unite, but can we the keep it up?? Can we spark the real changes the polulations of the earth needs??

Tough questions but at least things are starting to happen for our brothers and sisters in Tunisia, (EDIT) its all gone to shit over there now, the army has been called in, higher inflation, taxation at every turn and the soon to be evident food shortages will only promote discontent in other countries too, this is GLOBAL PEOPLE, time to make a stand I suppose before we are too weak to do anything about it, Watch out for the SWINE FLU propoganda designed to keep us from getting together.

On a side note the ROTHSCHILD banking illuminati controlers have had the go ahead to advice Greese on their economy, one of the biggest WTF moments I have seen so far today.


So what do you think?

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