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A Statement From Peter Joseph



It has come to my attention that
various mainstream news organizations are
beginning to run an association
between my 2007 performance piece/film,
“Zeitgeist: The Movie” and the tragic
murders conducted by an extremely
troubled young man in Tucson, Arizona. They
are also slowly beginning to
bleed the obvious line between my 2007
documentary work, my film series as
a whole and The Zeitgeist Movement, which I am the founder. Frankly, I find
this isolating, growing association
tremendously irresponsible on the part
of ABC, NBC and their affiliates –
further reflecting the disingenuous
nature of the America Media Establishment

It appears to have begun with a comment on NBC news referencing my
along with other “influential” films as well, such as Richard
film “Donnie Darko” and then spreading to ABC News where it singled
“Zeitgeist: The Movie” and the Series itself, stating:

pointed to an online documentary series called “Zeitgeist” as a
influence on the man.
The series rails on currency-based economics.
really think that this ‘Zeitgeist’ documentary had a profound impact
Jared’s mindset and how he viewed that world that he lives in,”

we reflect on the history of seemingly random violence or other forms
highly offensive, irrational, aberrant behavior, we see a common pattern
reaction from the public and media in their attempt to explain such
acts. Rather than deeply examining the Bio-Psycho-Social nature of
social development and the vast spectrum of influences that create
and morph
each of us in unique and sometimes detrimental ways, they take
the easy way
out. The first thing they do is simply ignore all modern
scientific, social
understandings of what generates human motivation in
both positive and
negative regard, for to do so can only call into question
the social system
itself and hence the “zeitgeist” (meaning:
spirit/intellectual climate of the
time/culture) at large.

Generally speaking, it is historically accurate
to say that the Mainstream
Media simply isn’t in the business of challenging
the Status Quo. The
limits of debate are firmly set. Virtually all ideas,
persons or groups who
have succeeded in changing the world for the better,
later to be hailed as
heros in the public mind, started out being condemned
by those in the
Mainstream Media who latch on to the dominant world view of
the time. Even
Martin Luther King Jr., a peaceful, loving, wonder of a man
who contributed
more to our social progress than likely any humanitarian in
the US history,
was followed by the CIA and publicly humiliated as a
“Communist” which
he even had to defend in front of a Congressional
Committee. In fact, you
can rest assured that if King were alive in the
current paradigm today and
seeking an equal form of justice – he would be
given the name:

So, again, rather than taking the
scientific view, the Mainstream Media
often seeks out or implies one point of
blame and runs with it. After all,
it is much easier, presentable and more
simplistic for the public to think
that the troubling reality of seemingly
random acts of mass murder is the
result of a “singular influence” and hence
the logic goes that if that
one influence is removed, then the world will be
back in balance. This
gives the public a false resolve and position of focus
in an otherwise
ambiguous, complex world of social and biological influences.
And as far as
the scapegoat itself, very often any group, media or dataset
that is
counter-culture or even hints at wishing to challenge the status quo,
is a
magnet for such blame.

For example, musical groups of a
counter-culture nature have been a
favorite scapegoat for acts of
murder/violence historically. In 1990, the
rock band Judas Priest was
actually taken to court for their “role” in
the self-inflicted gunshot wounds
in 1985 of 20-year old James Vance and
18-year old Raymond Belknap in Reno,
Nevada. In 2008, the band Slipknot was
publicly tied/blamed to a high-school
murder in South Africa. Even the
Beatles song “Helter-skelter” was associated
to the murders incited by
Charles Manson. It goes on and on… and, frankly,
it’s simply pathetic –
avoiding the true nature of the problem – which is the
Environment itself.

Make no mistake: The Social System
is to blame for the rampage of Jared
Loughner – not some famous online
documentary which is known as the most
viewed documentary of all time in
internet history. Are the other 200
million people who have seen the film
also preparing for murder sprees? I
think not.

In my new film:
“Zeitgeist: Moving Forward”, I feature a prominent Harvard
Psychologist by the name of Dr. James Gilligan who headed the
Centre for the
Study of Violence at Harvard Medical School for many years.
In his life work
of personally engaging the most dangerous, violent
offenders the US system
produces, he found some basic trends. The most
common is the social issue of
“shame”. Our socio-economic system
inherently breeds social division and
there is a natural demeaning of
others generated as a result. It is a
scientific fact that mass murderers
and those who many just dismiss as “evil”
today, are the product of
years of being shamed, humiliated and demeaned.
Their acts of violence is a
reaction from these highly oppressive feelings
and the real resolve to such
acts can only come from removing the real source
of such emotional hurt.
You will notice that most other countries don’t come
close to the level of
violence we see in the United States. The US is the
capital of violence
with 30-300 times more acts of violence than any other
country. We have
produced more serial killers in America than all other
countries combined.
Why? You will notice the Mainstream never asks this

If anyone would like to understand why more and more people in
the modern
world end up like Jared Loughner and why these patterns are only
going to
get worse as time goes on in this system, I suggest the book
by Harvard Criminal Psychologist Dr. Gilligan.

conclusion, let it be stated that the Zeitgeist Film Series is about
thought regarding various social issues which challenge many
notions held as fact in the modern culture. It also explicitly
non-violence, human unity and prosperous human development based
on truth and

Anyone who wishes to really understand the works can view them
for free
online at and my new film, which will detail how
a new,
humane social system can work, will be in 315 theaters in 60 countries
in 30 languages starting Jan 15th 2011.

I am also in contact with my legal team
and considering legal action
against ABC.

-Peter Joseph


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