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BBC Kept This Quiet

Britain’s student leaders, union activists and anti-cuts campaigners are keeping up their protest against the increase in university tuition fees, education cuts and cuts to public spending.

More than 100 students marched in Peterborough Saturday against the tuition fees rise.

Young people from college and schools in the city took part in the protest outside Peterborough Town Hall.

Leaders of the Peterborough Trade Union Council and the Peterborough Pensioners Association joined the demonstration and pledged their support to keep up campaigns against cuts.

Students and activists will also protest on January 11 against the abolition of the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) in Truro.

The campaigners will march from Truro College to County Hall in defense of the allowance at around 12.15pm. Parents, teachers and trade unionists have been urged to back the students.

In Rotherhampton, meanwhile, two youth centers were occupied on Friday evening in protest against cuts in youth services.

Over 40 young people aged between 11 and 15 occupied Dalton Youth Center. Another group occupied the Bramley Youth Center.

The occupations followed a protest organized by users of seven local youth clubs backed by Unison, which organizes youth centre workers.

In West Somerset, a councillor called for the mass resignation of council members in protest against government funding cuts.

Independent Councillor Sandra Slade, who represents Minehead South Ward, called for action after West Somerset Council was hit with the largest possible cut of 8.9 percent to its grant settlement.


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